Saturday, September 29, 2012

My giveaway winners...

I am so very very excited to announce the winners of my giveaways! Thank you to all who participated and joined in on the fun... I love doing these and having my blogging buddies help me out because they are just amazing!
The winner for my FIRST GIVEAWAY is.... Krista Mehrtens!! My good friend over at Stellar Students :) I am soo happy that you won!! Enjoy your prizes, you will be getting emails soon!! Next time I want you in my giveaway, girl ;)

The winner for my SECOND GIVEAWAY is....Kelly Beam Brown!! Whoohoo, congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful prizes from such amazing teachers!!! You will also be getting an e-mail soon!

The winner of my THIRD GIVEAWAY is.... Lisa R!!! Congratulations to you!! You have an email full of goodies coming your way as well!! :) Thank you so much for becoming a follower!!


I am so very excited that my class was chosen for Respect for the month of September to receive the Prayer Bear.. we are the oldest class in the school but they have worked so hard and I am very proud of them for being excellent role models!!

 I changed my door around to pumpkins that we made out of tissue paper :) Just thought of the idea in my head and decided to do it.. they loved them :) really gets them ready for fall!!

Something else my kids love is my prize bin.. who wouldnt?! But they definitely earn it after getting 10 outsandings from the clip chart : ) I also use it for birthdays and star student!

Ok so I enter giveaways pretty often, but of course, you never think you are going to win.. but I did!! I was so excited to win a wonderful prize of the letters of the word READ and I could design them any way I wanted! I was going to go with chevron because it's the new cute thing, but I am just so into polka dots :) This giveaway came from The Learning Tree and Kimberly is just so talented and wonderful! Thank you again!!! :) I cannot wait to hang these in my classroom; my kids will be SO excited!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have you Heard?

I get some of my "best" ideas just on a whim... I do plan and make lesson plans like everyone else, but I really have to tell you.. I just think of things and go with it most of the time.  I think flexibility is one of the most important qualities in a teacher.

So have you heard??... The bird is the word! The bird bird bird, the bird is the word... [sorry, that might be in your head for quite some time now]!
I was making up a verb board for my kids and I was just thinking to myself, "Verb, verb verb.. Verb is the word!" so that's where I came up with that one :) My fourth graders loved it, and we will continue to add verbs to this board as the year goes on...
My kiddos LOVE read alouds.  All different genres (which is wonderful), we are currently reading Skinny Bones as a read aloud (to relate to the boys and the humorous ones in my class), and I continue to engross them with different texts during my Daily 5 and Writing Workshop mini lessons.  Our latest read aloud was "The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig" and "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs"...
 and I bet you can guess what I did with these.... compare/contrast!! Venn Diagram of course!
They needed a refresher anyways, especially the ones that didn't have my last year (I love charts).. For those of you that are reading for the first time (WELCOME!) and I teach a multi level group, grades 3/4 and I have 3 of my previous 3rd graders from last year.  It is great to loop up with them and help them learn to the best of their abilities. (And yes, I only have 7 kiddies!! Crazy, but I can do a lot with them!... I still go home EXHAUSTED everyday)
Here is our latest bulletin board... how we all "fit together" - I was actually given these puzzle pieces from a co-worker who had extras.  I love sharing!
This year is going pretty well.. I do teach the highest grade level at my school (nothing to brag about) but it is a lot of responsibility to make sure they are doing good for the school and for the younger children.  We do a lot with reading buddies and helping out in the pre K class.  They are too wonderful with the little ones :)
We recently made paper weight rocks for our school as well. We found them outside and picked the "best ones" and they painted them.  After the paint dried, they wrote positive words on them :)
I have never won a contest before, but I am so glad I encouraged my students to enter an art contest last year.  It was for third grade and up called the Casella Art Contest, and the students had to draw a picture about recycling and how we can better our planet.  I never thought in a million years that one of my children would win (even though I thought they ALL did the best) but especially with all the schools in New York.. and we are such a small school! I had 10 last year! But one of my dollies won and she was awarded a 50 dollar savings bond and her picture was posted in the 2013 Casella Calendar.. I was so proud of her.  I will hang the calendar proudly in my classroom (or at home, haven't decided) and she is the February picture!!

Here is another bulletin we made together for our First Friday Mass... our theme was "Coming Together" for back to school and being together as a family (This worked well since half of us were together last year.. and it's another year for fun!)
And last but not least, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the giveaways that are going on now... I have TONS of prizes from the best people.  It is still not too late to enter.. the gift cards are only 10 dollars each but money is tight so I hope you all can still find something good with them :) Take care!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Third and Final Fall Giveaway!

It has been a great three days.  Thank you so much for all your support as I continue to grow with blogging, my teacher stores, and collaborating with the best teachers around the country.

My fabulous friends that have helped me with my giveaway are so wonderful, and I couldn't have asked for better help  with my giveaway.  Thank you, and love you all!

I have been so crazy busy with school and it's really wearing me down (I think that's how the beginning of the year goes) but I am hoping to get settled, and start to be able to have more "me" time with blogging/pinterest/tpt/tn and all of YOU (not to mention with Mike, friends, and family).  Thank you to everyone and good luck with my giveaways!!
The winners will all be announced within 3 days of this last giveaway (that lasts for 5 days).. thank you for participating!!

PRIZE #1: $10 Gift Card to Barnes and Noble and any two products from my store! :)

PRIZE #2: Someone who I idolize in the on-line teaching world is Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants! She is absolutely amazing and talented (and incredibly sweet) and she is offering to the winner her Journals Throughout the Year!

PRIZE #3: One of my blogging bff's I would definitely say is Hadar from Miss Kindergarten.. she's super sweet and super wonderful! Even though we teach completely different grade levels, she's helped me out a lot and also with this giveaway! You will win her adorable labels for around the room!

PRIZE #4: The lovely and wonderful Michelle from the 3AM teacher has also generously donated her "Shop til you Drop" graphics.  Let me tell you, they are sooo cute that I am using them for my next product (Had to!) You will love this!

PRIZE #5: Then there is the very, very creative and generous, Denise from Sunny Days.. ever since I first started blogging, she was always so kind to me, and she really does have the best freebies.  What a wonderful gal!  If chosen as the winner, you will be able to choose ANYTHING from Denise's TPT store... 20 dollars worth!!!!! Geez can I win this?! ;)" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Second Day of Fall Giveaway!

The second day is here! :) Thank you for all that have participated in the first giveaway, and just know that if you haven't entered the first one yet, there is still time!
Another AMAZING day of prizes :) You don't want to miss this, or any of the 3 days!

PRIZE #1: $10 Gift Card from yours truly, Love to Teach :) and any TWO products from my store!!!

PRIZE #2: My lovely friend Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron is giving away her wonderful Addition-Subtraction Work Zone Math prroblems! Absolutely love, she is sure a talented gal :)

PRIZE #3: There is my dearest friend Tara from K-2 is Splendid who I had the pleasure of co-teaching with last year.  She is unbelievable and is offering her Matter Unit for my giveaway! 

PRIZE #4: This comes from one of my favorite people, Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! Love her, she's such a sweetie :) She is offering her Whackity Whack Combo Pack!!

PRIZE #5: And last but definitely not least, the very talented Mistory from Think, Wonder, & Teach.  She is such a hardworking, creative person and she is giving away her Math Rounding Unit which I absolutely love!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall and 200 Follower Giveaway!

So excited that it is finally here!! My First Day of Fall / 200 Follower Giveaways!! Yes, I said it, GIVEAWAYS! :) Three to be exact... we will do one today, tomorrow, and the day after that. 
First and foremost, I have to thank my AMAZING, incredible teachers that are contributing to this giveaway.. it feels like I have some real celebrities helping me out ;) I love it and I love them.  I know you won't want to miss any of the 3 days because each day is all equally amazing prizes.

Happy first day of fall! My favorite, favorite season. 
Good luck in my giveaway.. and don't forget to check back tomorrow and the next day for my other fab giveaways.. thank you!! (Winners will be selected 3 days after the last giveaway)

Prizes for Day 1:
PRIZE #1: My gift to the day 1 winner is a $10 dollar e-gift card and any 2 products in my store :)

PRIZE #2: My very sweet friend Holly has offered her 190 files of math morning work for the whole year!!! This is editable in notebook software and is great for grades 3-5! What a wonderful prize!

PRIZE #3: Terri is a dear friend of mine who has helped me ever since I started blogging.. love her and she's a very talented lady! She is offering the winner her Halloween Activities.. I thought this would be a great win because of Halloween coming up!

PRIZE #4: My girl Beth Ann is offering any two products are her TPT store to the winner :) She has such wonderful activities, especially for the primary grades.  I am so excited to have her participate in my giveaway!

PRIZE #5: My new, talented friend Meg is generously offering one of her TPT product sets... your choice at her store! So happy she is a part of my giveaway too :)" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Giveaway and Photos

Hello all! SoOoO I have decided I am going to stop asking for followers for my blog and just go with it.. I know I will get 200 someday, but it is just not happening right now and that is so okay :) I am changing my giveaway to "The first day of fall giveaway".. this is will be on the first day of Autumn (September 22nd) and will run for 6 days.  I can't wait!! I have the BEST teachers teaming up with me, and I am so very, very grateful!

Fall is my absolute favorite season, not only because of the beautiful falling leaves and crisp weather, but also because my birthday is November 10th and my anniversary is November 7th :) The holidays are amazing too! For my anniversary, my boyfriend and I will have been together 3 years (but it will continue through forever). I am excited to do something special!

Here is my CAFE and Daily 5 Chart.. we are going through it like crazy! As fourth graders, they are definitely understanding all the concepts and accepting responsibility for their reading and writing. 

 My word wall has words on it!! My kids helped me pick out the best words to put up that are difficult sometimes, but also interesting :) They could've gone on and on all day!

 A parent gave me a care package of crayons, markers, glue, scissors, index cards, etc. I was so excited!! It's so funny how we teachers get so excited over things like this.  It definitely is the little things, and my parents this year are the sweetest!!! :)

Two days ago we were in the middle of recess and an idea popped into my head for a bulletin board "We are a TEAM, Hands down!" with our hand prints.. so we went with it.  A lot of my lessons come from my head and creativity rather than right from the book.  We had a little more down time than usual so I had them working quietly and then coming over to participate in this poster.  They loved it, and we do so much every day to make us feel like a true team community.

 Here is just a silly picture of me during my break :) I am so happy it is the weekend!!