Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friend in a fire

Hi everyone, I have kind of a sad post tonight... many of you may not know this but I only have one sibling, a younger sister who is 25 and her name is Jenna.  She's my little sister so she means a lot to me.  When tragedy happens and my sister is sad, I am sad.

2 days ago, one of her very best friends (Karli), her husband, and her three children (ages 7, 8, and 6 month old) had to evacuate their newly bought house in the middle of the night due to a house fire.  They not only had to evacuate quickly, but jump out the window.  Everyone is luckily safe and okay but they did suffer injuries.  Karli, a wonderful mother, had to save her kids by throwing them out the window to her husband.  When she jumped, she was very injured.  They are all lucky to be alive, but they have lost everything.  Except one load of laundry that my mom washed for them XO.  The boys have maybe 2 outfits each, and the baby has 1.
I wanted to try and attempt to take donations because of this sweet family and because of my sister, who has been very upset about it and trying to help Karli in any way she can.

Even if you can donate a dollar or two, it will help this family in need.  I know we all have bills and other expenses so I certainly understand if you don't donate... trust me.  I do these events like adopt a family and helping out people because I personally cannot afford to donation anything (sad, but true.) I just figured I'd try to reach out to someone that follows my blog who has a couple extra dollars to donate. 
*Everyone who donates even 1 dollar, will receive ANY unit of mine for free.  Just e-mail me at and let me know which you choose.  You can check out my stores by clicking on the pictures of whichever you prefer! If you provide a generous donation and would like more units, you may pick as many as you would like.  Thank you XO

I want to get her the money as soon as possible, so through PayPal directly would be easiest.  My PayPal address is: so please send donations here.  I will be accepting donations May 6-12 and I am hoping that I will have a little something to give to her.

Thank you so much in advance and may God bless you all... I really need to think more and be grateful for what I have!! :) Especially for all of you!

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