Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have you Heard?

I get some of my "best" ideas just on a whim... I do plan and make lesson plans like everyone else, but I really have to tell you.. I just think of things and go with it most of the time.  I think flexibility is one of the most important qualities in a teacher.

So have you heard??... The bird is the word! The bird bird bird, the bird is the word... [sorry, that might be in your head for quite some time now]!
I was making up a verb board for my kids and I was just thinking to myself, "Verb, verb verb.. Verb is the word!" so that's where I came up with that one :) My fourth graders loved it, and we will continue to add verbs to this board as the year goes on...
My kiddos LOVE read alouds.  All different genres (which is wonderful), we are currently reading Skinny Bones as a read aloud (to relate to the boys and the humorous ones in my class), and I continue to engross them with different texts during my Daily 5 and Writing Workshop mini lessons.  Our latest read aloud was "The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig" and "The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs"...
 and I bet you can guess what I did with these.... compare/contrast!! Venn Diagram of course!
They needed a refresher anyways, especially the ones that didn't have my last year (I love charts).. For those of you that are reading for the first time (WELCOME!) and I teach a multi level group, grades 3/4 and I have 3 of my previous 3rd graders from last year.  It is great to loop up with them and help them learn to the best of their abilities. (And yes, I only have 7 kiddies!! Crazy, but I can do a lot with them!... I still go home EXHAUSTED everyday)
Here is our latest bulletin board... how we all "fit together" - I was actually given these puzzle pieces from a co-worker who had extras.  I love sharing!
This year is going pretty well.. I do teach the highest grade level at my school (nothing to brag about) but it is a lot of responsibility to make sure they are doing good for the school and for the younger children.  We do a lot with reading buddies and helping out in the pre K class.  They are too wonderful with the little ones :)
We recently made paper weight rocks for our school as well. We found them outside and picked the "best ones" and they painted them.  After the paint dried, they wrote positive words on them :)
I have never won a contest before, but I am so glad I encouraged my students to enter an art contest last year.  It was for third grade and up called the Casella Art Contest, and the students had to draw a picture about recycling and how we can better our planet.  I never thought in a million years that one of my children would win (even though I thought they ALL did the best) but especially with all the schools in New York.. and we are such a small school! I had 10 last year! But one of my dollies won and she was awarded a 50 dollar savings bond and her picture was posted in the 2013 Casella Calendar.. I was so proud of her.  I will hang the calendar proudly in my classroom (or at home, haven't decided) and she is the February picture!!

Here is another bulletin we made together for our First Friday Mass... our theme was "Coming Together" for back to school and being together as a family (This worked well since half of us were together last year.. and it's another year for fun!)
And last but not least, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out the giveaways that are going on now... I have TONS of prizes from the best people.  It is still not too late to enter.. the gift cards are only 10 dollars each but money is tight so I hope you all can still find something good with them :) Take care!



  1. I love your "Verb is the Word" chart and the two read alouds you shared!! I feel like I am drowning in procedures and training for D5 after the 15th day of school! I have 24 kiddos for ELA and they are only in my room for 80 minutes a day (NOT enough time!!). You have accomplished so much already and I hope I can start feeling like I have soon:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Aw you so will, Holly!! There are advantages and disadvantages to a big class/small class, public school/private school, but we always have to just remember that we can do it, whatever the terms.. you are a WONDERFUL teacher and it is only September :) I was just lucky enough for my kids to know my routine and understand Daily 5, which definitely helped. Let me know if you need anything!

  2. So cute! You and my boyfriend think alike ;) I was listening to the verb rap on Kristin's page {http://www.ateenytinyteacher.com/2012/09/two-things.html} and he thought they were singing "bird is the word" lol

    1. Hahaha it sure is catchy! And lucky guy :) thanks for your comment Hadar! Xo


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