Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Grade 3/4 Classroom

Hi everyone! It has been such a busy summer (not really a vacation for me!) but thank you for being patient with me since I have not been blogging much. How is everyone doing? I hope your enjoying teaching and your kiddos.. I start back next Wednesday :)

I wanted to show you a few pictures of my classroom. I have the same room as last year, but less kids.  I had 10 rambunctious crazy kiddos last year for Grades 2/3, but this year I have 4 new ones, and 3 students I have already taught.  How do you feel about looping up? I am excited to have another year with my 3 because I know I can help them continue to succeed and enjoy learning!
Smaller room, but I made the best out of it and I hope the students will find it warm and inviting. I love my "Welcome" sign that you see displayed in my first picture. I found it on TPT from Cathy Hutchinson - I LOVE polka dots, and it was just too cute to pass up.. .and free!

Here are my book bins, posters, desk, and charts.  We also display the values for each month (respect, love, caring, responsibility, etc.)

My word wall :) Covers almost my whole wall on the side, but it will be needed for tons of 4th grade words!

I decorated my math bins with very cute labels.  I found these from Ashley Reed on TPT.. another amazing freebie!! I am an organizational freak so these helped me out a lot!
I found this picture frame at Michael's for 2 bucks! I was super excited to be able to put fun classroom pictures in it (once school begins) but for now, I just printed out pictures that I liked off google. 

This is where I will keep my math centers (1-2-3-4) and my students daily 5 bins and writing materials.  I even kept a bin for me for my calendar pieces and vocabulary cards.  I know that the math centers should be in all red, but I only had 2 red and 2 blue... I am sure it'll bother me enough that I change it out during the year ;)

I love these book bins from Target! Only 2.50 each and they are so durable.. my only wish was that I bought more of them before they became sold out.  The labels I used were just my organizational labels that are available on TPT and TN :)

I found this at Michael's and it was on clearance for 1 or 2 dollars.  I use it as my "Tattle Bin" for my kids to write down their tattles/feelings for me to look at later.  This has helped so much last year with less disruptions from teaching.  I was going to get a "T" for Tattle Bin, but I decided on a "B" for my last name (and if I ever wanted to use it for something else)
I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my classroom! I will have more pictures, products, and more coming this year.  I haven't slept well in a few days so I am off to bed.  I hope everyone is doing well... thank you for your talent and resources that I am getting so much use out of for my classroom!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

I decided to join in on the fun with the blog hopping :) It's actually technically Friday, but I LOVE Thursdays topic of what everyone's go to therapy choices are.  I am always on the go and working working working, and rarely have time to settle and relax.. but these are the things that keep me (somewhat) stress free!

My favorite go to therapy is an expensive one, massage! It is my one treat for myself that I usually get maybe 4 times a year.  I love it and it helps relieve any back and neck pain, and of course, it feels amazing! :)
Sales also make me happy. I am a big bargain shopper and I love on-line surfing for different products, and also being at the mall and looking through new fashions and clothes. I am a pretty simple dresser, but it's fun to jazz it up sometimes too!
I recently quit the gym because after doing Insanity, I know I will never be able to get a better workout.  I did the 60 day challenge and received my t shirt, but I still am going to continue it at least 3 days a week to keep fit.  These workouts are 40-60 minutes long, but when I finished I am literally on the floor. I am able to get my stress out and feel better about myself with this workout!
Movies!! My boyfriend Mike and I love movies.  We don't go to the movies often because of the expense of it, but even sitting at home watching movies is something I love to do.  I am usually doing work while watching the movies, but there are times when I just need to put everything aside and relax and watch a good comedy.
Who doesn't love Pinterest?! I go on pretty much daily, and I love surfing and taking a "break" from my work to look at the amazing crafts, products, and ideas out that are out there.
Then of course, my biggest therapy is my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Michael. He is my saving grace and definitely helps my stress by making me laugh and we just have the best time together. This is a picture of us at a wedding we went to this summer.
Can't wait to read everyone's Therapeutic Thursdays :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updated Products

Hi everyone! This has been an extremely busy summer.. I honestly don't know where it went, and I felt that I worked (and stressed) more than ever. I am excited for a new school year to start, but I am hoping that I can relax and take a vacation next summer :) I'll have to start saving now!

So not that I am not busy laminating, printing, and creating for the year, but I decided to update a few of my TPT/TN products.  When I started almost 1 year ago with Teachers Pay Teachers, I was inexperienced with creating products, and I am still learning. But I do know that a few of them needed a bit of a tune-up ;)

Even though this is for younger kiddies, I expanded my animal notebook freebie to larger print size and pages :) Click here for TPT and here for TN!

I changed the font on my ELA Common Core Printables so please feel free to redownload them if you already purchased them, or check them out on TPT and TN :)
 My Holiday for Freedom Book is updated and the print is much clearer.  Goes through different holidays such as Veterans Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and more. Check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook.
Now I come to my latest product. I made an "All About New York" book for students to read and color. Can be used in 2nd and 3rd grade, and possibly 1st grade if you perform as a read aloud. It goes through New York's seal, mammal, fruit, tree, flower, and some interesting facts about NY.  Posted on TPT and TN
I will continue to try and do my best to provide all of you with the best products and freebies to help you on your journey through this year :) Hope everyone is enjoying their little ones and setting up their classrooms!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun and creativity

Just wanted to show off some of my artistic ability ;) For the third summer in a row, I worked with a teacher this summer at a literacy summer program, and our first graders (going into second grade) put on a puppet show for their parents, and I built the farm scene :) It was rather large and I could only take a picture of some of it.. what do you think?  What creative projects have you done this summer?

These are the goodie bags I made up for my kiddos at the end of the summer program. I created and bought these post-it notes from vistaprint and they say on the top "A note from Miss Boudreau" filled with goodies!

While babysitting, me and my little girl went to a museum's craft room and tried out a project. I loved it! It is coloring with crayons and then painting over it to give it a cool effect.. will definitely be doing this with my kids this year.

I painted these today while babysitting.  Paint is always fun! We did pottery as well :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great purchases!

Since all the TPT Back to School Sales were going on, I decided to share some of my purchases for fourth grade next year.. I am committed to being the best teacher possible for my kiddos and of course, I want the best resources.  I am going to be creating a Native American Unit or Revolutionary War Unit soon.. maybe a Common Core Fourth Grade Math Unit too, since my Common Core Third Grade Math is such a hit!

My 5 favorite purchases were ones from three ladies that I admire and love: Sunny Days, One Extra Degree, and Shelley Gray, Rachelle Smith, and Nicole Shelby. Fabulous products!

Denise from Sunny Days had an amazing product of 50 printables for early finishers.. who hasn't had a student that finished early and struggled to keep them engaged and challenged? Her printables will be perfect for this year! She is the best, and very sweet :) Always the best products and you have to check out her generous prices and freebies!

Amanda from One Extra Degree has the most incredible products.. one of the best sellers on TPT, I could not pass up her unit about government.  Cute graphics and fonts, thank you Amanda! I will always keep your items at the top of my wish list!!

Shelley Gray is another one that has the best products especially for the intermediate grades (which is right up my alley).  She has created a bunch of very cute back to school bulletin board ideas about your class's summers.  Check it out, she is wonderful!

Wow.. one of my most FAVORITE sellers on TPT is definitely Nicole Shelby.  She has the best units for the intermediate grades, especially her science units.  They are hands-on and engaging and full of wonderful information.  I purchased her May the Force Be With You unit and I love it!

Another one of my most FAVORITE Top 5 sellers is definitely Rachelle Smith.. who does not love her and her cute fonts/activities? So engaging and perfect for the primary grades, and can be used in my 3rd and 4th grade classroom as well :) A top favorite is her Holidays Around the World Unit and I had to purchase it since it's been on my wishlist forever.. so glad I did, it's perfect!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Sales

Whoohoo! So excited to be participating in the TPT and Teacher's Notebook Back to School Sales :) So many great ideas out there, and I can't wait to shop all my favorites... Enjoy, and let me know if you need me to make anything.. if I use your idea I'll give it to you for free ;) I need to get back on it for making products, but thank you for all your support.  Earning even a few extra dollars a quarter helps!

Click here for my TPT sale of 28% OFF from Sunday through Monday!! That means you can get any of my units (social studies, science, math common core, teacher printables) for 28% off the original prices!
Click here for my extraordinary Teacher's Notebook sale as well for 30% OFF all my Teacher's Notebook units and prices! So excited to check out TN as well!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Most Efficient Sharpener!

I was so excited to get my delivery in the mail from Classroom Friendly Supplies--my very own groovy green sharpener! It is so quiet, and I have to say, it sharpens PERFECTLY.. there are no breaks in the tips or uneven lead (which can be very frustrating).  I will be teaching third/fourth graders this year, and once I teach my students how to work the sharpener, they will LOVE it too!

One of my favorite parts of this effective sharpener is that you can see the pencil shrinking in and getting sharpened.. You can adjust the pencil and sharpener to how long you want to use it, for brand new pencils, or pencils that just need a touch up :)

Troy Decoff is the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies, and is a teacher himself.  I think the best part of his products are that since he is a teacher, he knows what is useful and helpful for other teachers :)

You will not be sorry if you purchase one of these sharpeners.. it might be a little difficult for younger students to operate, but it is easy for teachers to get perfect, sharpened pencils.  My older kiddos will certainly be able to work this sharpener and I am so excited to use it. 

Head on over to and check out Troy's amazing sharpeners! Let him know that Love to Teach sent you ;) And I highly recommend checking out the video that shows you how to operate the pencil sharpener and how it works.. Please do not hesitate to ask me any qeustions... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!