Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updated Products

Hi everyone! This has been an extremely busy summer.. I honestly don't know where it went, and I felt that I worked (and stressed) more than ever. I am excited for a new school year to start, but I am hoping that I can relax and take a vacation next summer :) I'll have to start saving now!

So not that I am not busy laminating, printing, and creating for the year, but I decided to update a few of my TPT/TN products.  When I started almost 1 year ago with Teachers Pay Teachers, I was inexperienced with creating products, and I am still learning. But I do know that a few of them needed a bit of a tune-up ;)

Even though this is for younger kiddies, I expanded my animal notebook freebie to larger print size and pages :) Click here for TPT and here for TN!

I changed the font on my ELA Common Core Printables so please feel free to redownload them if you already purchased them, or check them out on TPT and TN :)
 My Holiday for Freedom Book is updated and the print is much clearer.  Goes through different holidays such as Veterans Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and more. Check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook.
Now I come to my latest product. I made an "All About New York" book for students to read and color. Can be used in 2nd and 3rd grade, and possibly 1st grade if you perform as a read aloud. It goes through New York's seal, mammal, fruit, tree, flower, and some interesting facts about NY.  Posted on TPT and TN
I will continue to try and do my best to provide all of you with the best products and freebies to help you on your journey through this year :) Hope everyone is enjoying their little ones and setting up their classrooms!

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