Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Sales

Whoohoo! So excited to be participating in the TPT and Teacher's Notebook Back to School Sales :) So many great ideas out there, and I can't wait to shop all my favorites... Enjoy, and let me know if you need me to make anything.. if I use your idea I'll give it to you for free ;) I need to get back on it for making products, but thank you for all your support.  Earning even a few extra dollars a quarter helps!

Click here for my TPT sale of 28% OFF from Sunday through Monday!! That means you can get any of my units (social studies, science, math common core, teacher printables) for 28% off the original prices!
Click here for my extraordinary Teacher's Notebook sale as well for 30% OFF all my Teacher's Notebook units and prices! So excited to check out TN as well!


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