Monday, August 20, 2012

Fun and creativity

Just wanted to show off some of my artistic ability ;) For the third summer in a row, I worked with a teacher this summer at a literacy summer program, and our first graders (going into second grade) put on a puppet show for their parents, and I built the farm scene :) It was rather large and I could only take a picture of some of it.. what do you think?  What creative projects have you done this summer?

These are the goodie bags I made up for my kiddos at the end of the summer program. I created and bought these post-it notes from vistaprint and they say on the top "A note from Miss Boudreau" filled with goodies!

While babysitting, me and my little girl went to a museum's craft room and tried out a project. I loved it! It is coloring with crayons and then painting over it to give it a cool effect.. will definitely be doing this with my kids this year.

I painted these today while babysitting.  Paint is always fun! We did pottery as well :)

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