Friday, August 24, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

I decided to join in on the fun with the blog hopping :) It's actually technically Friday, but I LOVE Thursdays topic of what everyone's go to therapy choices are.  I am always on the go and working working working, and rarely have time to settle and relax.. but these are the things that keep me (somewhat) stress free!

My favorite go to therapy is an expensive one, massage! It is my one treat for myself that I usually get maybe 4 times a year.  I love it and it helps relieve any back and neck pain, and of course, it feels amazing! :)
Sales also make me happy. I am a big bargain shopper and I love on-line surfing for different products, and also being at the mall and looking through new fashions and clothes. I am a pretty simple dresser, but it's fun to jazz it up sometimes too!
I recently quit the gym because after doing Insanity, I know I will never be able to get a better workout.  I did the 60 day challenge and received my t shirt, but I still am going to continue it at least 3 days a week to keep fit.  These workouts are 40-60 minutes long, but when I finished I am literally on the floor. I am able to get my stress out and feel better about myself with this workout!
Movies!! My boyfriend Mike and I love movies.  We don't go to the movies often because of the expense of it, but even sitting at home watching movies is something I love to do.  I am usually doing work while watching the movies, but there are times when I just need to put everything aside and relax and watch a good comedy.
Who doesn't love Pinterest?! I go on pretty much daily, and I love surfing and taking a "break" from my work to look at the amazing crafts, products, and ideas out that are out there.
Then of course, my biggest therapy is my boyfriend of almost 3 years, Michael. He is my saving grace and definitely helps my stress by making me laugh and we just have the best time together. This is a picture of us at a wedding we went to this summer.
Can't wait to read everyone's Therapeutic Thursdays :)


  1. Insanity!?!?!? I bow down to you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Rachelle!! Yes, I can't believe I did it :) I def earned my T shirt!! xoxo hope you are well!


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