Monday, September 10, 2012

Experimenting with jello

So, I have come to the conclusion with such a small, sweet class, I can do a lot of hands-on activities and fun projects with them.  Last night, I made up an Animal Cell Jello Project (I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and had to experiment and come up with a lesson for it!) My kids LOVED it.. they not only understand what cells are now, but they remember most of the parts of the cell and why they are important.  Click HERE to see it on TPT and download it for free!!

 The only thing I would change about the experiment (as noted in the download) is that I would need to add the candy a little earlier than I did before the jello hardens.. I thought an hour it would be fine, but by that time the jello was already set and when I placed the candy inside it broke the mold :( Oh well, next time!!

Here's a random picture of my hammy hamster, Pancake.. his cheeks are full of fruits and treats :) I love him...

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