Saturday, September 29, 2012

My giveaway winners...

I am so very very excited to announce the winners of my giveaways! Thank you to all who participated and joined in on the fun... I love doing these and having my blogging buddies help me out because they are just amazing!
The winner for my FIRST GIVEAWAY is.... Krista Mehrtens!! My good friend over at Stellar Students :) I am soo happy that you won!! Enjoy your prizes, you will be getting emails soon!! Next time I want you in my giveaway, girl ;)

The winner for my SECOND GIVEAWAY is....Kelly Beam Brown!! Whoohoo, congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful prizes from such amazing teachers!!! You will also be getting an e-mail soon!

The winner of my THIRD GIVEAWAY is.... Lisa R!!! Congratulations to you!! You have an email full of goodies coming your way as well!! :) Thank you so much for becoming a follower!!


I am so very excited that my class was chosen for Respect for the month of September to receive the Prayer Bear.. we are the oldest class in the school but they have worked so hard and I am very proud of them for being excellent role models!!

 I changed my door around to pumpkins that we made out of tissue paper :) Just thought of the idea in my head and decided to do it.. they loved them :) really gets them ready for fall!!

Something else my kids love is my prize bin.. who wouldnt?! But they definitely earn it after getting 10 outsandings from the clip chart : ) I also use it for birthdays and star student!

Ok so I enter giveaways pretty often, but of course, you never think you are going to win.. but I did!! I was so excited to win a wonderful prize of the letters of the word READ and I could design them any way I wanted! I was going to go with chevron because it's the new cute thing, but I am just so into polka dots :) This giveaway came from The Learning Tree and Kimberly is just so talented and wonderful! Thank you again!!! :) I cannot wait to hang these in my classroom; my kids will be SO excited!

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