Monday, October 1, 2012

Favorite Freebies

Hello everyone! I hope you "survived" your Monday :) I just wanted to give you a heads up on a few of my favorite freebies that have come out recently.  All my blogging friends are so good to me, and so sweet... I don't know what I'd do without their support.  And even with little old me with my little old blog, they still encourage me and make me smile :)
My first favorite freebie for today is definitely Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron's newest Spooktacular Math Match.. I can't say enough about Dana's generosity and amazing math games, so definitely check it out!

My second favorite freebie comes from my good friend Hadar from Miss Kindergarten.. this is for all my primary teacher friends out there, she has the CUTEST Halloween Safety Book.. so adorable with great rhymes and even incorporates math :) Excellent, Hadar!
Another favorite and new, wonderful friend of mine, is Michelle from the 3AM Teacher.. she's such a sweetheart and makes the most creative, cutesy graphics! In my next unit (4th grade math common core activities) I use her adorable Fall Leaves Graphics that are available on TPT now :)

One of my idols and lovely blog buddies is Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants.. who doesn't love her? She has her freebie of Witches' Brew Activities that are so cute and engaging.. always the best!

I love fall... and I got "BOOed" today by my lovely co-worker, Heather.. she had to tell me it was her because she forgot the BOO sheets :) Here is the basket she filled for me.  My kids loved it! I can't wait to BOO someone on Wednesday!
I love giving.. I don't have much money, but I LOVE giving people gifts and brightening their days.. who doesn't?! I know there is usually a blogging gift exchange towards Christmas?? Last year was my first year starting to blog, so I didn't get too involved with things like that, but if anyone knows any details I definitely want in :) And if not, I still want to share the love with my blogging friends who I love so much!


  1. Hey Girl! So glad you sent me your link and that we can stay connected through blogging! Looking forward to reading posts and keeping up with you! :)


    Primary Teacherhood

    1. You too, Ash!! Let me know if you need anything.. I am your newest follower ;)


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