Monday, October 29, 2012

I have to post before the power goes out!

I am definitely praying and thinking of those of you that are affected by Hurricane Sandy.. where I live, we will probably get hit with some strong winds and power outages, but I think overall we will be okay.  I am fearful that if and when the power goes out, I won't be able to stalk all the lovely blogs that I always do... and of course, do teacher work.

Thank you so much for the support with my freebies that I have recently posted.. it gets me motivated to keep making more.  I have been going crazy busy with everything, and every weekend there is SOMETHING.  Last weekend was so much fun walking the runway in the fashion show!! I give models a lot of credit of switching outfits so quick ;) Hey, I'm not skinny and I am not tall, but I still worked that runway :) Wish I could've afforded some of the clothes!
I love this time of year.. I am so very excited about my anniversary with my boyfriend coming up (3 years!) and my 27th birthday.. not too old yet :) I will have to have a celebration on my blog by giving away something!
My wonderful, beautiful friend Miss V is having a GIVEAWAY!! Check it out, she has FIVE different winners (and you can win one of my units as well) ;) Starts tonight at midnight!! Become a follower, she's fabulous!
I am just finishing up teaching about Native Americans, and I have to say, my students LOVED writing in Native American Symbols... here is a picture of our bulletin board that is set up.  Definitely a good project to look up with your kids.  It teaches them the power of communication and the creativity of telling a story.
Teacher's Notebook is so wonderful and supportive... please consider buying one of my teaching activities at my Teacher's Notebook store, because any money I raise between now and Veteran's Day will go directly to the Green Mountain Pug Rescue. The founders of Teacher's Notebook are so wonderful and sweet, that they are going to MATCH whatever I make!! WOW.. .how wonderful.  Honestly, that just shows how much they support me and the other teachers.. *Make sure you buy an activity from my Teacher's Notebook shop, not Teachers Pay Teachers.
 And to my sweet friend Miss V for making a donation on my behalf, THANK YOU.. it means so much.  I struggle to pay my own bills, but animals mean everything to me and I want to do what I can.  I can have food on the table and a warm apartment, I am okay.. and this means a lot to me.  XOXO I loved my Lucy more than anything and I am hoping I will someday find a way to have a less broken heart (it hasn't settled even after a couple years)
I am having a Thirty-One Party (my first party... ever!!) And if you would like to purchase something let me know and I will send you the link to my party :) No commission, but I hopefully will get a free product or two! :)
I hope everyone takes care and is safe inside from the bad weather.. it hasn't started yet for us, but I am sure it will.  God bless you and your home.


  1. I'm blogging before the power goes out too! I heard that the outages are moving up my street - eek! Stay safe!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

    1. You too, Sara!! I am praying that it stays, because what am I going to do without the internet?! ;)

  2. That Native American unit is really cool! I never would have thought to do something like that but what a strong, yet fun, lesson!

    Loving you always, Laura! So happy to have met you and have your support in my life. You are an AMAZING friend and that storm better go on down the other street and LEAVE YOU ALONE!! Stay safe, girl!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. You are just too WONDERFUL!!!! :) I am SO happy to have you!!! I literally "laughed out loud" at your last comment, and Mike was like "what???" :) I wish you all the success in your giveaway!!


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