Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness, Projects, and Teachers Notebook

Hi all! Hope you are enjoying your weeks.. It is only Tuesday, but it'll be Friday before you know it! I have lots to do this weekend (including working!) and a Breast Cancer Walk that is held in Albany, NY every year.  My boyfriend's aunt is a breast cancer survivor, so I wouldn't miss it since she is family to me :) My dear childhood friend Ashley also suffered from cancer when she was so young.. I cannot even imagine, but I must say, they are both fighters!
My class made beautiful Character portraits and summaries today that I just had to share them with you.  They each got to pick a character from a story they like, and sketch and tell me a little about the character they chose.  I just found a random character sketch online, added lined paper, and voila! Masterpieces :)
 I took a picture of the characters before I hung them up, and after I hung them up :) They were just too cute nad my kiddos worked so hard on them!
 Tell me that doesn't look EXACTLY like Greg Heffley?! ;)
One of my favorites, Geronimo Stilton! (I helped him with the nose!) Love it!

SALE ALERT!!! I found a huge sale at CVS this past weekend.. all of their dollar bin back to school supplies were 75 percent off... 25 cents each!! These are a couple things I got! Make sure to check out your local CVS too!

I bought this for pretty inexpensive at Scholastic because I thought this could be a great addition to my library for my students.  They were so moved and interested in the tragedies of 9/11 that I want to make sure I give them as much literature as I can that interests them.  I will be reading this soon to make sure it is appropriate for my kids first, but let me know if you have purchased this book or have read it your kiddos?
I know it is only the middle of October, but my paychecks and money have been making me think about Christmas already.  I am the type of person that tries to save every penny I can to afford wonderful Christmas presents for my family, friends, and of course, my guy.  Our 3 year Anniversary is November 7th, and my 27th birthday is November 10th.  That is A LOT in one week ;) I love that because I was born the day before the wonderful holiday of Veteran's Day, I receive a 3 day weekend this year!! (Normally, it's just a day off!) As I grow on tremendously on Teachers Pay Teachers, I don't want you to forget about Teacher's Notebook either!
I am going to be having a HUGE sale on Teacher's Notebook very soon, and ALL my earnings are going towards Christmas Presents for the people I love most in the world (and of course my students!) Teacher's Notebook is fabulous because it gives 100 PERCENT of the earnings to Teachers!! How incredibly generous of them!! [And also my prices are normally a bit lower on TN since I earn 100%] I will most likely be having a big sale on TPT too and love my quarterly earnings ridiculous amounts, but if you buy from my Teacher's Notebook shop, I will be able to use the money right away for gifts... I thank YOU all for giving me smiles and wonderful feedback to my shops.. it really makes a difference in my life and being able to spend money on myself sometimes, so THANK YOU SO MUCH.
If you missed my giveaway on facebook a week or two ago, I am giving away my Fourth Grade Common Core Unit on Teacher's Notebook now until the 21st... please check it out HERE.. 2 lucky winners!
Second Grade Smartypants reached 350 Followers!! What a Milestone! Check out their giveaway HERE! :)
Shout out to my girl at Fourth Grade Lemonade!! She has reached a wonderful 100 followers and is also having an amazing giveaway right now! Please head over and check it out by clicking HERE - I am giving away one of my units too!!! ;)



  1. LOVE the character portraits! They look so fabulous. I just purchased the I Survived the 911 attacks from our book fair. My students LOVE it. There are several different books in this series, and I'm trying to purchase all of them.

    Have fun with your walk this weekend!

    1. Hey lovely lady!! Thank you so much for commenting and for the info about the books. One of my students did purchase the set, I'll have to look into it ;) I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.. it'll be here soon!!

  2. I wonder why TN gives 100% whereas the most TPT gives is 85% (if you purchase the membership). I think it's really cool though! I've never heard of the book you mentioned, BUT there are books out there that Scholastic has put out where students submit their own work & write a book and I believe September 11th was one of the topics - I have each of those, though! I'm going to check out the books.

    Beyond that, I have chosen to BOO you (different game!). Head on over to my blog & check out my post from today to see what you do if you want to participate :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Hey sweetie!! I guess thats just business, right? I make so much more on tpt though but teachers notebook is amazing.. they have featured me in their newsletters and just have been really great. :)
      Thanks fir the heads up on the scholastic 9/11 info.. very cool!!


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