Monday, September 9, 2013

My Kindergarten Classroom

Hello! I am so excited to announce I had my first day of teaching Kindergarten : ) It went pretty well, and even though I am worn out, I am ready to go back for more tomorrow!  I only have 11 kiddos (I know you are all VERY jealous ;) ) but that's one of the perks about working at a private school.. smaller, individual setting. Here are some pictures of my classroom!

Here is my birthday chart that I created using Creative Clips clipart, and I cannot seem to find the pennant template I found on TPT for the months :[ but there are TONS of great products!

 These are my kiddies! And this is the product I made on TPT for "Leaping into Learning" :) great for a bulletin board or name tags [editable]

 We are getting brand new tables, but for now these wonderful rectangle ones will do :) the new ones will be square and I'll be able to separate them a little bit more into smaller groups

 My reading nook is my favorite!
 I try to stay organized! Always trying to save space too by stacking and moving things
Bare now, but soon it'll be full of student work and anchor charts ;)

My 2 favorite products: Deanna Jump's "All Set" Unit and Hadar Maor's "Songs in the Classroom" Unit.  They are both wonderful!

 I bought these adorable bags from the Target Dollar Spot for book shopping and/or math centers or games.. I am not sure ;) I can use them for multiple things though!

Wonderful Miss Erica Bohrer and her FREE Whole Body Listening product! Love it!

Speaking of Erica Bohrer and her greatness, I LOVE her word wall sets that are available in SO many different designs.. I love Chevron, and a lot of my classroom was Chevron, so I stuck with those : ) The word wall cards I was able to print 2 pages on 1 page so they were small enough for me to fit more words (using less space.) 

Everyone needs a Finished and Need to Finish bin.. even in Kindergarten (even if it helps me stay organized)

We did the Kissing Hand today, so here is one of the projects we did together : ) My kids are so sweet and this was one of the sweetest stories.

We introduced manipulatives today and started with counters - we counted together and talked about who has more/less, and made patterns with red/yellow/red/yellow, etc.  Once I let them explore and move htem around and practice proper behavior with them, one of my lovely students said "We could even make letters with them to help us with words"... I gave him the biggest hug! Good for him :)

 Really qui8ck in other news - I got a puppy!! I've had a dog my whole life, but never my own [only my parents].. it's a sheltie-pom and I named her Lily. She is perfect and I love her so much.  She's only 3 pounds right now, and she's said to only get up to about 12-15 lbs (they said probably 12 because of her paws.) What a darling.. so this is what I will come home to every day to help me to relax and bring me sunshine!! Don't mind the picture of me below.. it was my first day of work and I had been going since 6am!


  1. Congratulations on your first day and especially on your new puppy! She is so adorable! There's nothing like having your own dog. So sweet! You're classroom looks great!

  2. Cute puppy! Wow, your class size is tiny. Are you at a Private School or a Charter School? I wish my daughter could be in a small classroom like that.


  3. I love your upbeat comments on Facebook, and your room and pup are darling! LauraRead-Write-Create

  4. You've done a wonderful job with such a small space! Finished and unfinished baskets are a lifesaver. Thanks for sharing and best wishes with the new school year =)

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