Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Community Helpers and ABCs

In Kindergarten we just finished  our Community Helpers unit.  I LOVED Simply Kinder's Community Helper Interactive Journals... my students had so much fun with them and felt VERY accomplished after finishing : ] They were so proud!
I wanted to take so many pictures of the cherished kinder work, but I forgot and they all took them home :[ Lucky for me, one student didn't check his mail box so I got some shots ;]

We have been using Scholastic's ABC Books and my kids love them.  I have been using them daily because my kiddos have caught on very quickly with the alphabet, and most of them already recognized most if not all letters.  I love these books because it is easy to differentiate with each child - Each booklet allows the students to write/draw what they learned about that letter.  My kinders write down words and pictures, words, or just pictures for the letter.  I praise them no matter what level they are on!  And as you can see below, I will occasionally give a treat or do something special for a letter :]

 I just introduced Word Work into our Daily 5 routine... the students are VERY excited.. they love the magnet letters (with the cookie sheet), foam letters for making words (and as you can see below, they can give themselves a star or other picture to show they completed a word!) and using dry erase is always a big hit as well :] I LOVE teaching Kindergarten because I love to give them so much praise and show them that they can do anything... many of them are just learning to read and this world of Kinder is so new to me, but exciting and EXTREMELY rewarding!

Today was National Bosses Day and my kiddos and I decorated this piece of wood for the director of our school.  We finished it with their names and a kind message, but I wanted to show you the basis for our creation - finger paint! I drew out the outline for the grass, but the kiddos just went crazy with paint on their little fingers and made these adorable flowers :] easy and fun, and can be used for a gift for just about anyone :]

I have created a few more Kindergarten products for Halloween.. Hope you can check them out! One of them being a freebie!

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