Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello friends! I have not had the time to sit down and blog, but of course, on a Saturday night, why not!
Here is who takes up most of my time: my sweet baby Lily!! Already 5 months old!
And I had my 28th birthday:

I first have to begin my blog post about something that is very dear to my heart (and my kinders)... Gigglebellies! Have you heard of Gigglebellies? If not, you need to check them out! Gigglebellies is made up of some wonderful animal characters that are upbeat, fun, and sweet! Some of my kids' favorites are Kissy Moo, Bucky, Peanut, Teeny Weeny Spider, and Fribbets!
Gigglebellies was created by 2 best friends and let me know tell you, some of the nicest gals I have ever met.  I bought the second DVD because those are the songs that my kiddos were most interested in.. I can't wait to save up to buy more!  To check them out, they have many videos on youtube as well.. along with previews to their songs (those are what sold me)... My students' youtube favorites are :

(I just saw that the Wheels on the Bus song has over 81 million views! WOW!)
Definitely how we begin our day every day, and a good investment to look into.  The creators, Kerry and Pauline, are so sweet and enthusiastic.  They want nothing more than to get children excited about learning and movement!
[The creators of Gigglebellies did NOT ask me to write this blog post, it was completely voluntary on my behalf to share my love of this music!]

What are you doing with your kiddos for Thanksgiving?  A little head start I gave my kiddos is Deanna Jump's Thanksgiving Unit... we made Long-legged turkeys! They absolutely loved this, and Deanna's unit was very easy to follow and I was able to switch out some of the materials to meet my needs :)
Don't forget! My Educents Grade 3-4 ELA Bundle is out and if you purchase (ANYTHING) on Educents of 10$ or more, you receive 5$ off towards a future purchase : ) 
Hope you can check it out!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Ahhh... 28. Such a nice age. Have a great weekend!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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