Saturday, August 16, 2014

5 Back to School Must Haves

 I am very excited to bring you my 5 must haves for back to school.  Many purchases I am sure you already have, but if you are a new teacher or forgot a few items, I hope I can help you out!

1. First and foremost, I wouldn't be anywhere without my laminator! I can print any of the amazing TPT products that I have bought or created, and LAMINATE them to stay durable for years to come.  Not only is this perfect for fun and engaging printables for activities and hands-on work, but also for classroom decor and materials that I just want to make sure stay in place!
The Scotch laminator shown above is the exact one that I have had for years! Love it, and very inexpensive.

2. I don't know about everyone else, but I am hooked on smelly stickers and markers, and so are my students!  My 4th graders loved them just as much as my Kindergarteners did last year.  It is a little treat for them and more than a reward to them :) Besides Trend Stinky stickers, Scentos, and Mr. Sketch markers, I also love the scented ink pads (and they last a long time!)

3. Cardstock is something that I always make sure I have enough of.  It can get expensive, but I usually get great deals at Michaels with a coupon or a deal that they already have.  With cardstock, I will print out special projects for my students that are keepsakes or gifts for their families.  I will also use it for important cards or if we are doing a project that requires durable paper.  I don't use it often, but the children know and respect that when the cardstock comes out, we are doing something special! :)

4. Paint! This is something I definitely ran out of as a Kindergarten teacher.  So I make sure, that if I see a sale or a coupon, I get a bunch of colors that I know I will be using.  Painting is so freeing for children and can be used in SO many ways... for example, last year we did dot paintings.. canvas paintings for gifts.. finger painting.. hand print painting... and painting for fun!  Art supplies in general I make sure I pick up if they are on sale or if I think I'll have a need for them. 

5.  My last must have is something that you personally may not need to think too much about in your school.  However, at the school I work at, we all make sure that we give the best parent gifts that we can.  Of course we are all on a budget, and for the holidays that we celebrate, I always want to make sure that I purchase craft and gift items ahead of time, or make sure that I have money saved up. 
Examples of parent gifts are from this post and this one as well. 

Also on my list:
Glue gun (holds anything!)
 Book bins (why didn't this make the cut as one of the 5?! A must!)
Mailbox (to stay organized and the best way for your kiddos to get their mail)
 I hope you enjoyed my must haves for back to school :) I will be posting pictures of my room soon!

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  1. Where do you get your scented stickers? Would love to use those for super workers.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. Thanks Sara!! You can get them at: or I even look at my local parent/teacher store, or ebay or any websites like that too for the cheapest price :) :)

  2. Trend had some cute ones. Those are cheaper than my other unreliable source. I don't make it to the teacher store very often, too far. Live in the country. Thanks, Laura.


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