Friday, December 4, 2015

The World of Foxyland

 My first graders and I had the chance to review "Welcome to Foxyland" by Wald Peterson.  My kiddos always get very excited about read alouds, especially about animals :)

"Welcome to Foxyland" is about Foxycat (half fox, half cat) going on adventures through his world, Foxyland.  He encounters many fun animal friends and his world is very magical.  The kids dove right in with loving Foxycat and excited to see what he was going to do next.
Here is a preview below of what the text looks like:
 As you can see, the pages are a little lengthy.  I do not recommend to Kindergarten or below, but definitely first grade and above.  We split this book into chapters and the read aloud took 3 times.  This gave me the opportunity to discuss key factors of text like predictions, main idea, details, characterization, and setting.  

The way Wald Peterson describes the world of Foxyland is that of a dream.  It allowed my firsties to dive into a magical land that is very much unlike earth... It looks like it, but one of my students said it was "magical" and "really cool" :) 

My kiddos loved the book and even though it was lengthier than some of my read alouds, this book held their attention.  During their free time after their work was finished, some of them even drew the lovable and curious Foxycat.

If you would like to check out more information or purchase Foxycat for your students, please click HERE and explore the fun of Foxyland! :) Through this link, there are even chances to WIN your own copy!!!

Have a wonderful and foxy day everyone!

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