Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to School Sale

I am so excited for the Back to School Sale.. what about you?  What is on your wish list?
All of my products will be on sale for 20% off August 1st-3rd.  On August 1st and 2nd, if you use the code BESTYEAR it will be a total of 28% off... WAHOO!
Here's to the best year ever... that's how I feel each and every year and that keeps me going and keeps me happy.
Here are some of my products that I have loved using in my classroom and some "best sellers" in my store :) Click on the pictures to view the descriptions! :)
Fourth Grade ELA Common Core Pack Healthy Unit for K-2
Figurative Language Pack5th Grade Common Core Math Pack
First and Second Grade Nonfiction Close ReadsThird Grade Common Core Math Pack

I wanted to share some great anchor charts I created for my students, inspired by Lucy Calkins - many parts of her readers and writers workshop have helped me become a better teacher this past year.  These two posters were used for early learners and ENL learners to help learn the process of reading comprehension and strategies like "Turn and Talk."

 I love this Anchor Chart I pinned on Pinterest from The Brown Bag Teacher on Small Moments... Her post on Narrative Writing is a must read :) Personal narratives is a great unit in Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop.
Narrative Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop in 1st Grade. Love the ideas and anchor charts in this blog post!:
After connecting with this post, it got me thinking about creative writing and what I do in my classroom... small moments.  What if I could find some photos that are "small moments" that children can turn into something "bigger?" Details, creativity, and imagination..
I just finished a product for grades 1-3 - Creative writing with photographs.  I have used these a lot with my first graders last year, and this type of activity helps children more about themselves as a writer while using their imagination and digging deeper with descriptive words.

I hope you enjoy and you are enjoying getting ready for Back to School.  Happy Shopping! XO

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