Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oriental Trading Wishlist

Hi everyone!  How is your Back to School experience going?  I live in New York and my summer is July through August, so I don't go back until September.  However, I am busily getting ready and decorating my room and familiarizing myself with the curriculum.
Where do you go to buy teaching décor?  Target?  Michaels? Walmart?  A local teacher store?  I do all of the above, but sometimes I don't have the time to go out or I'd rather happily browse at home.  One place that I know meets so many of my classroom needs is Oriental Trading.  What I love about Oriental Trading is their variety and they have so many brand names and familiar products that I already have and love.
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I am really excited to share my Oriental Trading Wishlist (and I got a few things from it that I knew would be essential for my classroom!)  Wishlists are such a great idea to not only keep track of what you want, but you can share out your wishlist with parents or other teacher friends. 
These pencil sharpeners are perfect for my prize bin.  I am really excited to be teaching 4th grade, and I know they will be responsible with them.  They are a little bit small so I wouldn't recommend them for really small children. :)
 One of my favorites were these magnetic clips for "no name" papers - this happens far too often in multiple grade levels! :)
Check out my bulletin boards!  I love the borders from Oriental Trading, but I also love the bulletin pieces like this "I can" objectives wall!

Oriental Trading also has me ready for my 4th Grade Social Studies Units!  One of our first units is Map Skills and learning all about New York State. 

 I got complimented on these lovely punch-out letters that I got.  I am in love! They are BIG and BOLD and STURDY. 
I also found cute composition notebook bulletin board pieces.  Very good quality (cardboard) that I can write the students names on and hang them :) Can't wait!
 Best prices for pencils and dry erasers.  I had to! :)
Check out my wish list for more details on these items... and make your own wish list if you have time!  If you want to share with me, feel free I'd love to see them!

Happy Shopping and Wish listing!

Disclaimer: Oriental Trading sent me products in exchange for a blog post, but all opinions in this post are mine.

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