Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dogs improve our health

Most of my blog posts are about teaching in my classroom, but I never want to forget.. that my sheltie-pom Lily teaches me every day too.
Yesterday was National Dog Day :) 8/26/17
To celebrate National Dog Day, I am sharing how dogs improve our health highlighted by PuppySpot.  Do you have a pet? I am so fortunate to have a sweet, intelligent, energetic, clingy pup.  She is a sheltie-pomeranian mixed breed and she is 4 years old.  

I am a teacher and sometimes I work too many hours and get easily stressed.  Coming home to Lily helps me relax and feel content knowing that there's a little pup waiting for me.

My sweet pup helps me relieve stress because she is energetic and needs lots of exercise (just like I need!)  She is so good with running along side of me (or walking.. mostly walking!) She keeps me healthy.

Most of all... Lily follows me everywhere and is a true loyal companion.  She does not even need to be leashed and I know she will stay with me at all times.  

If you have the time and commitment and love for a dog, it's the best "investment" I have ever made.  I have had at least one dog my whole life, but Lily is my first dog in my own place.  I love her :) If you are looking for a companion, check out the puppies that Puppy Spot has to offer.


  1. What a sweet little dog you have! They sure are great for stress relief!


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