Saturday, January 19, 2013

3 day weekend

Hey teachers! How's it going? I haven't heard from a lot of you lately.. how's everything going? How's your 2013? I hope everyone is doing well.. 3 Day Weekend!! So very happy.. I never want Mondays to come, so it will make a huge difference not having Monday.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is such a hero to me, and did everything a human being could to fight for equality among all men and women.  Being Asian, I grew up feeling different at times, and did have people make fun of me.  I now love and embrace my ethnicity, but it took me until I was older XO.  Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr. and it falls on my mama's birthday this year as well :) She is the most amazing woman, and I am so happy to have her in my life and to be adopted by my wonderful parents. I am very blessed.
I have been working on my state testing practice with my kiddos and the best way to go about working with them.  I have been doing comprehension homework all year so far with them, and it will definitely help them with the reading.

Some topics that my kids need a little more practice in are fractions, line of symmetry, word problems, measurement, and then I think we will be good to go with math..
I also want to incorporate technology to help them practice and I came across Math Slice, which has online tests for students to practice for grades 3-5.  Check it out:
My beautiful friend Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper has this fabulous product that I cannot wait to try out with my students... her Monster Fractions Unit for Big Kids has AMAZING activities and I am so excited to use them!! Check it out!
I also want to tell you that there's still time to enter Teacher's Notebook's Tablet for the Teacher!!! You can enter once a day until January 31st! How sweet of Debbie and Steve... they are just amazing and so sweet.  Please consider opening up a store with them if you haven't done so already.. They are the nicest people and you receive 100% of your profits!! Only $20 to start a membership :) I will never forget when Terri from Terri's Teaching Treasures bought my membership for me when I didn't have any money.. I am just SO freaking blessed with wonderful people. (That means YOU, Sara Ventrella!! My angel!!)
For Social Studies, I introduced DBQs for the first time to my class :) I do not know when they start in "full force" (probably 5th or 6th grade I imagine?) but I figured that my kiddos could handle them, and what better than to start with the Revolutionary War.. I loved teaching about this war.. if only my kids could field trip to Saratoga (for the Battle of Saratoga).. I don't think we can afford a whole bus for my little old class and have them pay.  Maybe I will look into it though for a weekend trip and meet the kids up there or something with their parents.  With only 7 students, I can do a lot with them!

I started a 90 Day Challenge this past Monday to lose weight and feel great :) I have a beachbody coach Monica, since I started Insanity last year.  Well, I did complete Insanity and it was terrible (but worthwhile!) and then winter and Christmas came, and so did the weight.  So, I am determined more than ever to be successful and eat right, exercise, and lose lots of weight.  My overall goal is 25 pounds, but my goal for the 90 days is 10 pounds (but also gaining tons of muscle from Insanity again!) I am doing the program 4 days a week, instead of 6-7. I am extremely busy with working and my other jobs to make ends meet, and I need time to hang out too.
I want to feel great about myself again :) Wish me luck!


  1. Thank you SO much for the shout out sweet Laura!! You are such a hard worker. I wish you endurance with your weight loss goal too. Hang in there! You go girl!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Thank you Holly!! I am definitely determined so I hope it works out for me :) Love your new products.. keep up the fabulous work! XO

  2. You are an amazing person for always going the extra mile with your kiddos!!! Good luck with your weight loss. I am trying too to lose those extra pounds!!
    Third Grade Love

    1. Darleen!!! How's it going?? Thank you SO much for your kind words!!! I try to do my best, but we all have our days where we don't feel like the best... good luck with the weight loss too.. it's a tough goal for anybody!

  3. I'm super excited to have found you through Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper! I love finding more 4th grade blogs!!

    We just started the Road to Revolution (I'm so far behind!) What are DBQs?

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Hi Amanda!! Great that you found me, I am your newest follower as well!! :) DBQs are Document Based Question (Essays) that are basically documents given to children to answer questions about, and a overall topic and essay question for the students to answer in an essay (with background knowledge and information from the documents). I saw a basic outline of one on this site here:
      Have a great weekend!


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