Monday, January 14, 2013

State testing needs, catching up with you!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posted... Up top is my kiddos New Years Resolutions... some of them were extremely adorable.  Like Troy's: "My New Years resolution is to eat less bread.  I eat 6 slices a day and I need to cut down."  I hear that! I am doing my 90 day challenge "biggest loser" competition with my beachbody (online) coach.. I hope that my motivation lasts since I am already a pretty determined person in general. 
Here is the yummy goulash that Mike made tonight... with garden vegetable pasta, peppers, onions, hamburger, and sauce :)
Speaking of motivation, I have been trying to be the best teacher I can.  I have 5 fourth graders, and 2 third graders.  All I can think about are the state tests, especially with my 4th graders. I want them to be as prepared as possible and have the most resources I can.  I am also the only 3/4th grade teacher, so I am the only one planning for state tests this year.
I am thinking about doing adopt a classroom (I can't do donors choose because I work at a private school).  I am most worried about science... it is so important that the children have lots of hands-on materials to use and to be engaged and understand the experiments and learning better.  There are a few items on my wishlist.. I definitely need a balance scale, magnet kit, and simple machines kit... I was looking at Lakeshore and they have amazing resources, I just wish the prices were a little lower for what I can afford.
How amazing would it be to get this and share it with the other teachers at my school?! But it's 500 dollars... but a teacher can dream!!
Learning Science Activity Tubs - Gr. 4-6 - Complete Set
If anyone knows any great resources or great prices on any sites for science materials, please let me know! I plan on continuing to prepare my students and get them ready for April/May!!
Speaking of Science Test Prep, please check out my latest TPT/TN product... my 40 Science Test Prep Cards which reviews most of the information and topics from our science new york state text (McMillan-McGraw) and will help with comprehension and using background knowledge.  CLICK HERE to visit Teacher's Notebook, and CLICK HERE to check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Amazing graphics from The 3AM Teacher and fonts from Kevin and Amanda!

Other topics that my kids have loved:
Learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.


Learning about the Revolutionary War
I want to keep finding new teaching ideas, which is why I love Pinterest, TPT, TN and all of that.  Sometimes I am just so tired when I get home to look though. 
I have some questions for all of you, if anyone can help me out!
How do you prepare your kids for state testing?
Where do you purchase your science materials?
Where do you get most of your lesson ideas?
How do you "keep up" with being the best teacher you can?
I am very tired... so I leave you with a picture of my cute baby, Pancake...
Good night!

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