Thursday, February 27, 2014

100th Day Celebration and SALE

Hi friends!! I wanted to show you some pictures from our wonderful Kindergarten 100th Day.  It was this past February 25th (my boyfriend's birthday as well!) and the kids had a blast.

First I will start off with my 100th Day shirt. I had to think quick on a budget so I got my hot glue gun, a Michael's $4 tee shirt, mini pom poms, and puffy paint.  I thought instantly that I wanted to make a cute apple shirt... my kids helped me with the idea :]

Their 100th Day shirts were so adorable!  They created them at home and then wore them to school.  I was so impressed with their creativity.  And their excitement was contagious.  I loved how one student had 10 sets of 10 Met baseball cards on his jersey... and another had cute hearts all over her shirt and it reminded me of a Valentine's rainbow fish :)

Our 100th Day calendar was so exciting for my Kinders.. they finally got to draw a flat and write "100 days of school!" I don't know where I would be without this Calendar Set from Georgia Grown Kinders... she is absolutely wonderful and this is a must-have product!

We munched on these yummy treats made by one of my wonderful room parents.. too cute!

They loved making their 100th days smarter crowns.. this FREEBIE is a wonderful addition to your 100th day resources! Julie Lee is great :]

Already great find on The Littlest Scholar's Blog, was her adorable 100 Gumballs for the 100th Day labels! These were perfect!  We did our gumballs a little bit different because I wanted them to have fun with finger paints.

I hope you all know by now, the amazing 3 Million Teacher Strong Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!! I am very excited to make some much needed purchases on new clipart, fonts, and some activities.  I have been on a "roll" of coming up with new ideas to create on TPT.  I just love it.  I love helping all of you, and I am so blessed to be a part of this team!
Thank you, thank you! And if you would like to visit my TPT store (28% off with code: TPT3) then you can check it out HERE!
I have MANY resources for Grades 3-4, but I am starting to build my Kindergarten products too :] 
Happy Shopping!!

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