Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love what we do

     In my school, one of our teachers teaches assembly every week.  Assembly is where we come together as a school in the morning and the children learn a daily lesson from one of us.  The month of February is about love and friendship.  I found these pins on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you... images (and songs) are worth a thousand words :]
10 Fun Love Songs For Kids {Give Loving Feelings  + Teach Loving Habits}

FREE set of Valentines Day and Friendship Writing Templates!  Whimsy Workshop Teaching http://whimsyworkshop.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page.html
I love this freebie from my friend Susanna (Whimsy Workshop) - Check it out HERE!
Be kind
teach children (or adults!) how to be a good friend 
 Fluttering Through First Grade: Friendship and Freebie
      That's why I love Pinterest.  There are so many beautiful pictures that can capture a teacher's heart.  Our imaginations are allowed to run wild through others ideas.  I take pride in being flexible and open minded to learn from my colleagues... and my students.

     I asked my Kindergartners what they loved about our school/classroom (This can be something you can do with ANY age level and they come up with some really fantastic things!)... I wanted them to think about what we love about each other and our community.  And this is what they came up with:
 My students had me take different pictures around the classroom of things they loved - their artwork, decorations, memories, the beautiful sunshine, and each other. When you take a moment to breathe and to really listen to your children, you can learn something - no matter how old they are, they have the thoughts and imagination to reflect on their learning and environments.

This is my classroom in a nutshell... small yet bright and inviting.  My kids have taught me a lot and to love my job even more... I hope you "love what we do" too : ]

I created a FREEBIE while thinking about wanting my students to reflect on love and friendship.  Even at such a young age, students can dig deep into their thoughts and understand what they love in the world.  I hope you and your students enjoy this freebie too, as it can be applied for grades K-3!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREE-Valentine-Printables-1098819   http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREE-Valentine-Printables-1098819


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