Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Giveaway and Sale

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
I am SO thrilled to be teaming up with the wonderful The Applicious Teacher yet again this year for some amazing.. TRULY AMAZING prizes - when I think about all of the love and donations for the fellow teachers, it makes me so happy!  Thank you Leigh for another wonderful week of fun! 
Here are the fantastic teacher bloggers that are donating some extremely useful and fun gifts.  We are celebrating you this week, so I hope you enter each day! Best of luck to you! :) 

Don't forget about the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!! Everything in my store will be 20% off and an additional 10% off using the code ThankYou

Check out my close reading printables that are on sale and working great for others!  I am working on more soon when I get the time.  I have found these to really engage my kiddos and have them develop their higher level thinking skills.  This is probably great for second grade, and higher level firsties :)
First and Second Grade Nonfiction Close Reads

First and Second Grade Close Reads - All About Countries
Enjoy your week!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I just have to say I had one of the best days of my life this past Saturday... some absolutely wonderful TPT sellers got together and created a TPT meet up that I will NEVER forget.  Thank you to all of you for making it such a perfect day.  Birds of a feather flock together - I will always be in your flock whenever you need anything :) 
We met in Binghamton, NY which was only a couple hours from me.  I had a wedding to attend in the evening so I had to leave a little early, but every moment was worth it! I got to witness wonderful presentations from THE Jen Jones {Hello Literacy} and the amazing Shelly Rees from Appletastic: Blossiming in 5th Grade and get to know some wonderful people.

Here are some fun photos from our event! There were so many amazing sponsors and hard work put into this beautiful day! - Thank you to ALL of you for making it quite a blast!

Photo booth! Love it!
 The beautiful giveaways made my jaw drop.  The etsy sellers that donatd to us were so wonderful !

 Check out the goodies below! We were so lucky to be blessed with some great prizes and offers!
 TPT provided us with breakfast for the morning :) Love you, TPT!
 Look who I met! My sweet friend Melissa Machan from First Grade Smiles :) LOVE her!
 We did a really fun Teacher Tool Exchange, and I got Megan Shea's amazing gift! Magnetic write-on dice! - I don't have anything like this and I can't wait to use it for all subject areas.  The kids will go crazy.. thank you Megan! {Included were some yummy chocolates that I was very excited about! hehe}
 Selfies with my ladies :)
 Love me some Special Teacher for Special Kids! She is wonderful!

 Love these ladies! The Template Teacher, sweet Robyn, and Brain Waves Instruction!

Teachers Pay Teachers also provided us with this adorable TPT bag with some goodies inside - thank you so much to them for making our lives great!
Sooo did you see the Giveaway table that was a few pictures up?! This is what I WON! :) An adorable plant with our slogan.. Birds of a Feather Flock Together! We are all so alike and work together as a flock.  Love it!  And if you live in the Rochester area in NY, definitely check out Cheesy Eddie's! YUMMY!
 My lovely handmade gift was from Jo'Elle Coastal Crafters - a beautiful pillow with my motto! I love it so much... check out Joelle's Corner for some beautiful gifts on Etsy!

To my surprise, Amy from Teachers Pay Teachers was also present at the meetup.  I was sooo excited.  She just has this aura about her that is so beautiful!  I am so happy I got to get a selfie with her.  Love you Amy - thank you for EVERYTHING!
 Overall, an amazing experience.. and I made it all happen with my busy schedule because of this beautiful lady right here!
Jen Jones is just an overall beautiful person, inside and out.  She brings a positive energy to my life and inspires me in the classroom every day.  Thank you Jen for your kindness and friendship!! I heart you!
Overall..I am so blessed and lucky.  Life is good. XO