Monday, January 20, 2014

Q and U got married!

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The winner of my TPT giveaway is... Julie! Congratulations : ) Thank you to all of you for entering!

Guess what happened last week... Q and U got married!
The kids were so excited that they asked about it every day until the day finally came : ) A few students were sick and they were heartbroken.. I was so sad that they had to miss it! Here's a few pictures of a little bit of what our day entailed!

My favorite unit which was AMAZING to use comes from sweet Crystal from Kreative in Kinder - Her Q and U Happily Ever After Unit is full of fun literacy activities that all of my students loved.  It even includes invitations, a guest book sign-in, printable books, etc.  Definitely check it out on TPT!

 I hope you all had a great Monday and thought of our great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr... I leave you with a freebie to help teach your children about this great man : ) 
This freebie comes from the wonderful Latoya Reed!  Enjoy!