Saturday, January 10, 2015

Whimsy Tree Paintings

I wanted to show you the gifts that my students made for their parents this Christmas.  I am so proud of them.  I modeled on scratch paper what a whimsy tree would look like, and they did EVERYTHING themselves! Here are some of their beautiful canvases.  I hope their parents loved them as much as I do!
I am so proud of my K/1 kiddos!

 I love how each one is so unique, and completely done independently - if you would like to these with your own students on canvas or cardstock, or wood (the possibilities are endless)
Below I have listed the materials needed for the paintings - super easy! The kids learned to "blackline" from their art teacher, and the sharpie gave it just the right pop before they painted (just be careful with the sharpies!)  They use their finger prints for the leaves and flowers around the trees, and painted the hills using a medium size paintbrush.  Masterpieces! :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently January 2015

2015... what a great number. I am a big fan of the #5 so I am hoping this will be a fantastic year for me... it's also the year I turn 30.  I should start making a bucket list of things I want to do before I am 30.. it'll help me stay motivated and live life a little more, you know what I mean? 
I am excited to link up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade with her first Currently of the year.
Our winter break was from 12/24-1/4.. such a nice vacation, but of course in the snap of a finger, it is almost coming to an end.  I think I would prefer to have our winter break before Christmas Eve and then go back earlier.  There's always so much to do before Christmas, and then it goes by so quickly.  
I am definitely wanting to lose weight before I go to Florida for a couple days in February.  Over the past year I have done great to maintain my current weight (I usually gain a few pounds every year...and not take it off lol) but it's time to LOSE :) And never find again! I have not been on a real vacation in years and I am so excited that Mike and I are going to Florida for 3 nights - short and sweet, but well worth it!  We are very lucky that Mike has great friends in Fl. to let us stay in their house.
I need to take Lily out more for walks - she loves the outdoors and it'll help me be not so lazy if I take her out more and get some exercise :) she is my love!
Yes - I will make healthier choices
Maybe - I will buy myself something once in a while or treat myself here and there
I wish I could have more time to do all the work I need to do and not work so hard every day - I will get there :) 2015 seems like a great year to start!

Link up with the sweet Farley! xo
Happy New Year!

2015 New Years Goals
I was inspired to blog and link up with the lovely Erica Bohrer from Erica's Ed-Ventures, a fellow New Yorker just like me!  I think it will be refreshing for me to take the time to write out my 2015 goals and reflect on what I would like to change or improve in my life.  It's also great to think about what I have accomplished as well - I don't give myself enough credit sometimes! ;)
This is probably the most difficult goal to think about, but I truly would like to limit my spending even more than I already do, continue to pay my bills on time, and continue to put more time and effort into Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's so hard to find time after teaching all day and cooking and cleaning and taking care of my little Lily, but I often find myself doing work anyways every evening, so why not apply that more to TPT and what I create? The worst is, I create for my kiddos and put it on TPT, and no one buys... but the positive side is if even one person buys, there I go :)
Money is tight, but maybe I can even save enough to do a nice vacation this summer.. not Vegas or anything, but a nice vacay within driving distance and treat myself a little! We will see :)

I always will strive to be the best teacher I can be.  In 2014, I have attended a number of professional development sessions and I want to continue to do this.  The best part is that my blogging friends have been the best resource for me with their experiences and knowledge.  I want to keep adding to my file, portfolio, and try at least 3 new teaching methods with my kids :) 

I have been very proud of myself the end of 2014 for improving my weight little by little and also changing my liver - it only took 4 years, but I am on the right path! I would love to continue to lose weight, gain more energy, and just feel more comfortable in my own skin.  It's TIME!  This goal is just as important to me as my financial goals - both are my necessities in my life xo

I will be 30 in 2015 and I still feel like I haven't "lived."  No big trips or big purchases... not a lot of time for myself - work, work, work.  So in 2015 I want to do more for myself, even if it is an hour here or there... I need to make time for myself.  Life is meant to be enjoyed :)  I am always worried about everyone else, and it's time for me to think about myself xo 

Have a wonderful 2015! Keep in touch with me--I love hearing from all of you!