Saturday, June 23, 2012

I set fire to the rain

Summer is here, and while the weather is hot out, I have a lot of "fire" in me also.. I am very determined to have a successful next year.  Still sorting out everything for next year but hoping I'll be able to announce everything soon. I hate the feeling of the unknown (especially when it comes to your job) but I am just making sure everything happens that needs to. Jobs are SO hard to come by, I am just lucky enough that someone (anyone!) recognizes my talents and knows that I truly give 200% to my kiddos.  I also have a lot of fire in me to finish INSANITY! Good God it is tough, but I am doing my best and have not missed a workout yet... good thing tomorrow is my day off ;)

What a year.  Lots of craziness, but still I tried to remember what was important... and that is my wonderful, wonderful students.  I have taught reading, maternity leaves, and been a support teacher (mini group lessons, whole group instruction, etc.) but this was my first REAL full-year class of 2/3rd graders and I loved them so much.  They did such a great job with growing as a team and making TONS of progress academically--they all cried and that left me broken hearted but I will still see some of them.. it's so nice to have such an effect on someone.. especially kids!

I had the GREAT (and lucky) pleasure of working with Mrs. Second Grade is Splendid.. Wow. Without her help, I would have been doing a lot more work.. and I DID do a lot of work this year! She's a dream to work with, because besides being a fabulous teacher, she is strong and passionate about what she does.  I really hope to work with her in the future..

Here we are at one of our last field trips, Bounce Around!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Giveaway Results!!!

Ahh, I am so sorry I didn't post at 10AM... I went completely crazy with laundry and other chores! I still have report cards to do (one of my least favorite activities!) and a birthday party to go to in a little while.

Also, I finished my first week of INSANITY! It is the most difficult work out program (video) out there right now... 60 days and I should be set ;) Wish me luck! I did lose 2 pounds, but lots more to go to get where I was <3


Amber Polk, Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher!!!!

Yayy Amber :) I e-mailed you all the details and your gift card!! Enjoy girl!!<3 You deserve it and I ALWAYS love your products!!

Thank you to everyone who participated.. I appreciate it so much!!
4 days until Summer for me!! Whoohoo :)
Here's a quick peek at the Father's Day gifts my kiddos made...
a plaque for their daddy's and a laminated booklet :) Short, simple and sweet!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the Year Giveaway and Sales!!

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce my 2nd Giveaway!! Up for grabs is a 15 dollar gift card to and any 2 products of my TPT store!
Thank you so much for being wonderful followers.  I have been blogging for about 4 or 5 months now, and I started Teachers Pay Teachers back in last October/November-ish, so I have come a long way! Thank you for your support!!!

Each comment will count as one entry towards winning this giveaway.  Please make sure you provide a separate comment for each entry! I will be using the random generator to choose a winner on June 16th at 10AM.
1. 1 Entry/Comment: Follow my blog
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5. 1 Entry/Comment: Follow my tpt store :)

*Please include your email in EACH ENTRY*
There are 5 ways you can win!!! Please please tell your blogging friends :) I am hoping for a successful giveaway!!


Along with the giveaway.... A SALE :)

15 % off everything at my TPT Store and TN Store!! Check it out!!!
 Goes on Sunday through Thursday

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Currently & Get Together

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and as the school year is coming to a close, I hope you find time to relax and do all the things you enjoy.  Please please please keep in touch! I will be blogging often :)

Don't you just love Farley? She is so great, what a fun and free spirit, and I love her Currently Linky Parties every month because it really gets me to reflect my month and think about the good things in life.  Goodness, I have many bridal showers and weddings to go to this year -- more than I ever have in my life.  I think it's just my age and that time where everyone is getting married <3

Here is the latest:

I am so tired and I just need some SLEEP after the school year is over with... I really do need to stay on the ball with making and money and working hard this summer.  There hasn't been a summer since high school where I haven't worked my butt off, but it's what I need to do!! Hopefully making lots of teacher products as well... I am open to any suggestions at any grade level :)

Blogging Get Together this Saturday!! <3 Very excited.. check out Little Literacy Learner's post for more details :) Second Grade is Splendid created the event, and I am so glad she did.  I couldn't ask for a better coworker.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Division Facts Freebie & Giveaways

Just made up a quick division matching game using Graphics from the Pond :) Very cute, and my kids are just looking to have some fun with their math facts after a long year of hard work and testing. 

Check it out on TPT and Teacher's Notebook!!!


If you have not done so already, please check out the Giveaway Page on Teacher's Notebook!!
I believe it is one of the best things that they created--it is so easy (a click of a button) to enter to win WONDERFUL units.. my friends No-Monkey-Business & Buzzing with Ms. B have activities up for grabs right now AND I just submitted my "End of the Year Giveaway" on TN for my Nonfiction booklet so please check it out HERE!


I love being a part of the 3-6 Free Resources team... such wonderful, talented teachers!!
This week's topic is favorite websites..
My students favorite website has to be  At my school, my kids take part in Daily 5 for our Reading Program and one of the options is "Word Work"--for a treat for my lovelies, they are allowed to participate in many fun activities on for their word work choices including many spelling and grammar activities by grade level.  There is also a fun option for creating a crossword with their spelling words that they like to challenge one another with.