Saturday, April 28, 2012

Math Test Prep, Daily 5, and more

Hello fellow educators! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I went to the mall today and got some pretty sweet pink jordan kicks :) I went with my boyfriend Mike, and he was jealous since they are his favorite brand of sneaker.. I just decided to treat myself since I haven't in such a long time!

I am going to be moving into my new apartment at the beginning of June.  It's crazy how excited I am and it feels like a whole new start :)
I found these on-line and thought they were very cute to buy for my longer closet-- if you like them and want to buy them, they are on ebay from now 2 for 18 bucks! Click the pic!

My school introduced me to the Daily 5 reading program and I absolutely love it.  I feel like with the combination of them making their own independent choices, engaging mini lessons, conferences, and guided reading groups, I don't know how I lived without it!

My coworker and friend Second Grade is Splendid has created AMAZING references for Daily 5! If interested in the program or would like to improve and enhance your teaching with it, please visit her blog:  You can also check out a few of her previous Daily 5 posts..

Also, a website that both of our second and third grade kids love to go on is  There are a lot of fun word work and math games that they REALLY could play hours on! Check it out --

HOORAY! My Common Core Math Printables are FINALLY finished! It is not as long as I wanted it to be, but my hands are cramped and tired.. I am very proud of the final product though with cute fonts and pictures :)

If you would like this unit, please comment below!! First THREE people to comment will receive it FREE! :)
Thanks for everyone's support! xo

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been wanting to blog for a few days now, I just have not been able to find the time.  I am in the middle of parent teacher conferences, and they seem to be the easiest task that I have lately.

I feel a lot better now, but we all struggle throughout our lives, but we just have to keep going... I go to school every day and teach my heart out and do everything I can what's best for my kids, and that's all you can do.. I have actually had the opportunity to get to know absolutely incredible people along the way that have been so supportive (Second Grade is Splendid)
I just have to remember that not everyone is a good person, people will past judgement on others, but as long as I am doing what I am supposed to be, that is all that I can do and that's good enough for me :)

It has been a productive month as far as writing goes - we are in our nonfiction unit and they LOVE it... which is great considering the Common Core is all nonfiction :) They are basically making a booklet of 4 nonfiction topics - some of them include different parts of the world, weather, famous contributors, and more.  The Magic Tree House Nonfiction Series is something that I definitely recommend to 3-4th graders.
The picture posted below is a book that my kids love reading right now -- definitely check it out!

Summer is approaching (yay) I am still trying to find time to go to the gym and eat better, not only to lose the weight I have gained over the past couple years (yuck) but just to be healthier and feel great.  I am trying!
Whenever there is time, I am working on a math test prep unit based on the common core for 3rd grade. I am on page 17 right now, but I want to keep going! Be on the look out for it soon--will include multiplication, division, fractions, probability, word problems, and more!

Take care everyone have a wonderful Friday tomorrow!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cauldron Bubbles

We had a Science Fair a little while back, and my experiment was called Cauldron Bubbles - it was basically reviewing the relationship between oil and water (how it does not mix), and what other elements will have a bubble reaction to the oil and water.  Since oil is less dense than water, it floats to the top.  When you add fun things like salt, sand, and sugar, it mixes with the oil and sinks to the bottom because it becomes more dense than the water.  After it dissolves it floats back up, giving it a lava lamp effect with adding some food coloring.  The students loved it and it is a very easy experiment to do in your classroom (or at home with your kids!)

Check out the website here :)

I hate blocking out the faces, but of course it is needed for the safety of my kiddos and families :) The template that I used for younger kiddos to fill out is the picture below.. for my age group (2nd and 3rd graders) I had the same template, except I had them write out their prediction rather than circling it (too easy)! Let me know if you have any questions!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multiplication Freebie

I wish I had more time in the day because I would continue to make teacher products all day long! I haven't posted a freebie in a while, so I whipped this multiplication one up :)
It includes 4 worksheets: multiplying by 10 and 100's, multiplication matching, fluency, and a basic worksheet showing the relationship between multiplication and the commutative property.

Please check it out here on Teachers Notebook, and here on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Also in other news, my amazing coworker Second Grade is Splendid thought of the awesome idea to have a blogger get together in the Capital Region here in New York! I am hoping that there are more Capital Region bloggers out there, and if there are please let me know or head over to Second Grade is Splendid and RSVP!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week... I am very happy that the weekend is getting closer and closer! This week was very tiring for me

*I will have another giveaway soon, I want to continue to grow and grow with more followers so please spread the word about my blog :)

Have a wonderful night!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parent Communication Linky Party

I am very excited to participate in Lorraine's Linky Party because not only does she have great ideas, I get to read and research all you other lovely teachers as well! Parent communication is so important because we always want to do what is best for the child and keep in contact on the best way to do that. 

I have found a notebook in my binder very helpful to document any information needed.
This year, being the first year I have been involved with teacher stores and the blogging world (VERY recently for blogging), I realize that I wanted to create a Back to School type unit - and I tried to think of documents to create that I would've wanted ideas from as a first year teacher.  This includes organizing formats for lessons, students, and contacting parents.  Please check it out here on SALE for $3.00 :)

There are also a wide range of wonderful resources on TPT and Teacher's Notebook for different newsletters... I got this one from Mrs. Magee and I use it all year long for a bi-weekly newsletter.  It's cute and easy to format :) Love!!!

I also love cute little positive comment notes... it is important to communicate positively as much as possible.  It makes the student feel good, the parents feel good, and of course, us :) The parents really appreciate it!

This is a cute freebie from Kinderglynn of positive notes. Check it out, it is one of the most adorable freebies for positive reinforcement :)

I am off spring break now, but when I get some time I am hoping to make some more freebies soon. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

All about Angles

Well, since my Spring Break is practically over, I decided to get back into work work work mode, and I made another product: All about Angles!
It is up and running on TPT and Teacher's Notebook for only 1.50 :) Here are some pictures to show you what its all about:

First 3 people to comment on this post with their e-mail address, get this mini Angle unit FREE!! :)

Favorite Freebie time!!!
Here are some freebies that I absolutely love --a few are from TPT and a few are from Teacher's Notebook :)
1. This is from Teacher's Chatterbox and they are task cards that can help students review on what is important when taking a test.. we all know that we should never "teach to the test", but a guide likes this is very helpful if students need a quick referesher of some tips

2. Tales Outside the Classroom has a fun freebie for those of you that are growing plants in your classroom - perfect for K-2, is a cute Plant Book printable.

3. Here is another amazing freebie from SunnyDays.. she really is the best.  This is a word work unit for Earth Day :) It includes ABC order, syllable recognition, a word search, and more! Perfect for the older grades

4. And last but certainly not least, my girl 3rd Grade Gridiron!! She always has the absolute BEST math centers.. I love the matching and the fun fonts/graphics that she uses.. this uses fact families with a fun earth day theme!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Giveaway on Teacher's Notebook

If you have not checked it out yet, you have to go see the new and improved Teacher's Notebook.  The creators have been really hard at work making it better for the shopper and the seller!

One of my favorite new features is the GIVEAWAYS! Very easy to enter, just a few clicks and you are in the running! A lot of fellow teachers are having a giveaway too, and they are amazing creative units, if I do say so myself :)

I am very excited to have my very first giveaway on TN for my popular Poetry Unit and you can find it here:

Check out my new products on TN and TPT--I also added a few more pages to my Teacher's Guide Unit (I couldn't help myself) to make it an even 50 pages. 
And with the request of a fellow teacher, I have added a separate unit of just my labels and you can find it on TPT and Teacher's Notebook..

My spring break is sadly coming to an end, but I really did have a wonderful week - I didn't get to see as many friends as I wanted (it's so hard with busy schedules!) but I got to see some of them, and reorganize myself a little bit before the rest of the school year.  My boyfriend and still have a lot planned for the weekend.
Here we are at Lake George yesterday :)

<3 Take care my lovely fellow teachers!! <3

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Unit on TPT/Teacher's Notebook

Since money has been tight, I've been working even harder on my teacher stores :) I wish money wasn't so hard to come by! I better start putting in for the Megamillions ;)

My newest unit is 43 pages, and contains a lot of basic information/forms/printables for new teachers :) It is very basic, cute and simple, but is great for first year teachers and for teachers that are new and could maybe use some more ideas.  I am obsessed with scrappin doodles and graphics from the pond so those are what I used as well.  Check it out HERE on Teacher's Pay Teacher's and HERE on Teacher's Notebook.

My sale is still going on at both stores until tomorrow!! 20% off!!

Also, I almost forgot! I just redid my Weather Unit on TPT and Teacher's Notebook.. I wanted to add 2 activities and make it more crisp and bold.  It's my best seller and if you have already purchased it, please re-download for a better product.  Thanks :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter bloggers!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night with their family and friends.  I am heading over to my parents in a few hours and I am excited to see them (and my pug Zoey!)
Does anyone ever get knots in their back from being on their laptop too long?  Well, that's definitely me yesterday and today..
I have uploaded 2 new products to TPT/Teacher's Notebook, and I am still working on my Back to School Teacher Unit :) It's already 30 pages, and I'm still going!

 My first new product is a Addition and Subtraction Fractions Freebie - I included the lovely Graphics from the Pond - Check it out here on Teacher's Notebook, and here on Teachers Pay Teachers! If you like, please leave a comment :)
I have also created Daily 5 Choice Posters.. there are a lot of cute ones out there but I figured I'd jump on the band wagon and show off the cutest graphics from Scrappin Doodles and Graphics from the Pond.  You can find it here on TPT and here on Teacher's Notebook - only $1.00!

Here are some bulletin boards that I am currently using too :)


On another note, my boyfriend Mike and I (we are going on almost 2 1/2 years) we recently bought a cute teddy bear hamster!! We were shopping at the mall and went into the pet store and fell in love with him... there was also a panda bear hamster that I would've taken home in a heartbeat too.  It was difficult for me to make the decision because having a pet is expensive and we definitely have to watch our money, but he's just too darn cute!!

We take him out often so he gets used to being held, and he loves running in his ball, on his wheel, and eating apple jacks :) It's so cute how they stuff their food in their cheeks for later...

Introducing.. Pancake at 3 months old!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Sale and Linky Party!!

20% off everything at my TPT and Teacher's Notebook Store!!
Going on from April 6 until April 10th :)
Thank you so much in advance!

Oh' Boy 4th Grade has another fabulous Linky Party (she has the best ones) and I am definitely linking up!!

New Government Unit


I have been waiting for this since... well, probably my last break in February :) Today was my first day of my vacation, and boy, do I know how to have fun! (Insert sarcasm here)... I got my oil changed, and car inspected (it failed), cleaned my apartment, grocery shopped, donated clothes, and went to the gym.  As my mother says, "all grown up things".  I had to buy 3 new tires today.. not cool.  I am getting all the "fun" stuff out of the way so I can really relax next weekend. But that never happens, I always find something to work on.. especially when it comes to blogging/products!

I was pretty exhausted tonight, but I finally finished my Government Unit! I am very excited about it, since it contains a lot of information that I feel all students should know.  It's a lot of reading comprehension and outlined for students to do a review and take short notes, so it is definitely designed for older students.  It was a struggle trying to get it under 50 Mg, so I had to delete a page.. oh well, it's still a good unit :)

Please check it out on Teacher's Notebook or Teacher's Pay Teachers!! 

It is now 12:30 AM so after 3 hours of finally uploading my new product I am going to bed :) Sale on both my stores is coming very soon!! So be on the look out :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Freebie and 50 cent activity

I have decided to make my Irregular Verb Activity a freebie on TPT, and 50 cents on Teacher's Notebook... the reason for doing this is
A. I want all teachers to enjoy as much freebies as possible
B. I received 143 repins for my verb activity!
and C. I LOVE Teacher's Notebook and how they give us 100% of the sales.. it would have been a lot of work to change my item to a free item, so if you are willing to help a teacher out, it's only 50 cents! :)  All I ask is please leave feedback, it makes my day!!

Check it out on TPT and Teacher's Notebook!!!

 Thank you for everyone's support.. I am looking forward to Spring Break that starts TOMORROW and hopefully I will be doing a lot of relaxing, but I also know I will be working on my GOVERNMENT UNIT that I will be very excited to post.


Thanks again!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teacher's Notebook

It took an e-mail to make me realize that I do not give Teacher's Notebook enough credit... honestly, it is so amazing to have a Teacher Product Site that gives teachers 100% of their earnings.. really? Cmon, how can you get more generous than that!!

Most of all, I also really love how even when I first started, they still have promoted my products and my shop, even though I don't have the most popular and successful products.. I feel like they believe in every teacher and that makes me so happy.  As you know, I love Teachers Pay Teachers as well, but I need to be more proactive with Teacher's Notebook since I feel they appreciate me too :)

So please please please visit my Teacher's Notebook shop, comment/rate and let me know what you think :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Irregular Verb Activity

Something that my kids still need some work on are irregular verbs in past and present form.  I made up a quick activity for teachers to use to review these concepts -- it can either be laminated and used year after year, or you can have your students have printed out individual copies to cut and paste and fill in :)
It is now on TPT and Teacher's Notebook!!

My Irregular Verbs Activity will be FREE until around 8pm tonight so please go check it out and let me know what you think :)