Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great purchases!

Since all the TPT Back to School Sales were going on, I decided to share some of my purchases for fourth grade next year.. I am committed to being the best teacher possible for my kiddos and of course, I want the best resources.  I am going to be creating a Native American Unit or Revolutionary War Unit soon.. maybe a Common Core Fourth Grade Math Unit too, since my Common Core Third Grade Math is such a hit!

My 5 favorite purchases were ones from three ladies that I admire and love: Sunny Days, One Extra Degree, and Shelley Gray, Rachelle Smith, and Nicole Shelby. Fabulous products!

Denise from Sunny Days had an amazing product of 50 printables for early finishers.. who hasn't had a student that finished early and struggled to keep them engaged and challenged? Her printables will be perfect for this year! She is the best, and very sweet :) Always the best products and you have to check out her generous prices and freebies!

Amanda from One Extra Degree has the most incredible products.. one of the best sellers on TPT, I could not pass up her unit about government.  Cute graphics and fonts, thank you Amanda! I will always keep your items at the top of my wish list!!

Shelley Gray is another one that has the best products especially for the intermediate grades (which is right up my alley).  She has created a bunch of very cute back to school bulletin board ideas about your class's summers.  Check it out, she is wonderful!

Wow.. one of my most FAVORITE sellers on TPT is definitely Nicole Shelby.  She has the best units for the intermediate grades, especially her science units.  They are hands-on and engaging and full of wonderful information.  I purchased her May the Force Be With You unit and I love it!

Another one of my most FAVORITE Top 5 sellers is definitely Rachelle Smith.. who does not love her and her cute fonts/activities? So engaging and perfect for the primary grades, and can be used in my 3rd and 4th grade classroom as well :) A top favorite is her Holidays Around the World Unit and I had to purchase it since it's been on my wishlist forever.. so glad I did, it's perfect!


  1. Hey Laura!
    Link up at my blog to share your purchases :) I've shared some of my favorite TPT purchases as well...Perfect time for all this sharing with the big back to school sale going on :D

    Teaching in Paradise

    1. Thank you thank you Courtney for your comment! I will most definitely link up, and I am buying a few things tonight so I will be sure to update my entry before linking ;) Thanks a bunch!!

  2. AHHH!!! Thanks for the sweet shout out!!!! :) You are a doll!!!!!

    1. YOU are the best!! Cant wait to see more amazing products from you!! Xoxo

  3. Laura,

    Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! You truly made my day! :)


    1. YOU made my day with your email!! Thank you :D your resources are truly wonderful!!


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