Thursday, February 27, 2014

100th Day Celebration and SALE

Hi friends!! I wanted to show you some pictures from our wonderful Kindergarten 100th Day.  It was this past February 25th (my boyfriend's birthday as well!) and the kids had a blast.

First I will start off with my 100th Day shirt. I had to think quick on a budget so I got my hot glue gun, a Michael's $4 tee shirt, mini pom poms, and puffy paint.  I thought instantly that I wanted to make a cute apple shirt... my kids helped me with the idea :]

Their 100th Day shirts were so adorable!  They created them at home and then wore them to school.  I was so impressed with their creativity.  And their excitement was contagious.  I loved how one student had 10 sets of 10 Met baseball cards on his jersey... and another had cute hearts all over her shirt and it reminded me of a Valentine's rainbow fish :)

Our 100th Day calendar was so exciting for my Kinders.. they finally got to draw a flat and write "100 days of school!" I don't know where I would be without this Calendar Set from Georgia Grown Kinders... she is absolutely wonderful and this is a must-have product!

We munched on these yummy treats made by one of my wonderful room parents.. too cute!

They loved making their 100th days smarter crowns.. this FREEBIE is a wonderful addition to your 100th day resources! Julie Lee is great :]

Already great find on The Littlest Scholar's Blog, was her adorable 100 Gumballs for the 100th Day labels! These were perfect!  We did our gumballs a little bit different because I wanted them to have fun with finger paints.

I hope you all know by now, the amazing 3 Million Teacher Strong Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers!! I am very excited to make some much needed purchases on new clipart, fonts, and some activities.  I have been on a "roll" of coming up with new ideas to create on TPT.  I just love it.  I love helping all of you, and I am so blessed to be a part of this team!
Thank you, thank you! And if you would like to visit my TPT store (28% off with code: TPT3) then you can check it out HERE!
I have MANY resources for Grades 3-4, but I am starting to build my Kindergarten products too :] 
Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Mystery Box Giveaway

I cannot tell you how excited I am to enter February's Mystery Box Giveaway... 
Hosted by:

The prizes that are included in this giveaway are a mystery box worth $230, gift certificates, clipart amazingness (yes, I just made up that word because it's that amazing!) and lots more! Such talented ladies and I can only hope that I can win (or be a runner up!)
Mystery box 2014 BOX
Click HERE to see all the details... and don't forget to enter : ) 

Thank you ladies for an amazing chance!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love what we do

     In my school, one of our teachers teaches assembly every week.  Assembly is where we come together as a school in the morning and the children learn a daily lesson from one of us.  The month of February is about love and friendship.  I found these pins on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you... images (and songs) are worth a thousand words :]
10 Fun Love Songs For Kids {Give Loving Feelings  + Teach Loving Habits}

FREE set of Valentines Day and Friendship Writing Templates!  Whimsy Workshop Teaching
I love this freebie from my friend Susanna (Whimsy Workshop) - Check it out HERE!
Be kind
teach children (or adults!) how to be a good friend 
 Fluttering Through First Grade: Friendship and Freebie
      That's why I love Pinterest.  There are so many beautiful pictures that can capture a teacher's heart.  Our imaginations are allowed to run wild through others ideas.  I take pride in being flexible and open minded to learn from my colleagues... and my students.

     I asked my Kindergartners what they loved about our school/classroom (This can be something you can do with ANY age level and they come up with some really fantastic things!)... I wanted them to think about what we love about each other and our community.  And this is what they came up with:
 My students had me take different pictures around the classroom of things they loved - their artwork, decorations, memories, the beautiful sunshine, and each other. When you take a moment to breathe and to really listen to your children, you can learn something - no matter how old they are, they have the thoughts and imagination to reflect on their learning and environments.

This is my classroom in a nutshell... small yet bright and inviting.  My kids have taught me a lot and to love my job even more... I hope you "love what we do" too : ]

I created a FREEBIE while thinking about wanting my students to reflect on love and friendship.  Even at such a young age, students can dig deep into their thoughts and understand what they love in the world.  I hope you and your students enjoy this freebie too, as it can be applied for grades K-3!