Saturday, May 17, 2014

5 Easy Word Work Ideas for Daily 5

I am excited to link up and bring you 5 easy (and inexpensive!) Word Work ideas for Daily 5... The simplest activities can be the most engaging - I hope these can help you out in your classroom!

1. If you head to the dollar store, they usually have cute game boards that can be used with any word work game.  Make a list of words for your children to practice, and with a dice and some buttons/game pieces, your students will have so much fun!

2. My kiddos enjoy magnetic letters and a cookie sheet - making words and sentences has never been so fun for them! I love how this particular set has punctuation marks as well.

3. At the dollar store, I have also found practice dry erase boards for making words and sentences... many ages have fun with dry erase!

4. A lot of word scramble products or ideas are out there for students to practice their sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.  This is one of my most popular word work choices in my classroom this year (also: different colored dry erase markers makes for fun rainbow words for spelling!)

5. Any type of sight word cards can be turned into an engaging activity for students.  This will help with their sight words and fluency.  If you don't have cards, you can make them out of index cards :] Very fun and easy, and can be used with a game board (see #1) or as a fun matching game!

And a really quick bonus - I found these sets of cards at the dollar store, and my kiddos just LOVE using them for writing during Daily 5 or for special occasions.  It is so touching when they write their loved ones such a sweet note!

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Thank you so much for reading about my bright idea!

For more bright ideas, please browse through below by grade level and topics... I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy many new ideas :]

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays because I have such a special mom. Every year I always try to plan something wonderful for my parents and this is what my kiddos created this year!

 I saw this adorable pin on Pinterest for an Easter/Spring craft and I knew it would be perfect for Mother's Day! The children used their pointer fingers to make each purple print for these beautiful hyacinth flowers!

 I also bought stained glass projects for each student with a spring theme :) The children loved doing these in different colors (and we learned about mixing different colors to help make their presents even more beautiful! Example: blue and red made purple for them)

 Here are there beautiful homemade cards :] I always recommend having your children make a homemade card and taking the time to write their mommy's a speical message.. a very simple and unforgettable gesture!

 The children also made these cards which I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.. for FREE! Their hand prints are too cute at such a young age and the poem went along with it perfectly :]

 Everything was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in white bags (that the kids also decorated).  The white bags I found at the dollar store... 10 for $1! I like these because they are big enough to put all the cards and gifts and can also be decorated beautifully.

I wish all of you moms out there a wonderful and happy mother's day.  Enjoy YOUR day :] You deserve it! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation and Have Fun Teaching

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
I hope you all enjoyed your day and felt loved by your students, parents, and co-workers... You all make a difference and I am very lucky to "know" so many of you!
My TPT store will be on sale 20% off (with an extra 10% off with the code: TPTXO) today and tomorrow only! I have products that range from Kindergarten through the upper grades! If you haven't checked out my store before, I have a bunch of freebies as well.  A little something for everyone :]

In light of Teacher Appreciation, I am giving away a $10 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers! I hope this will make a difference in the resources you are purchasing for the end of the year.  The giveaway ends on Saturday (after the TPT sale, but I hope this will be something you can look forward to using even after!!) Please enter in the Rafflecopter below :] Good luck!

And before I "leave" you, I have to ask... do you know Have Fun Teaching? It is a great website and company (founded by creator and president Mark!) that offers many teaching worksheets, songs, videos, lessons, and more! I have to tell you that my Kindergartners love Have Fun Teaching videos on YouTube and they helped them learn their letters and sounds this year!
Have Fun Teaching has a new program to help kids learn to read.  Please consider joining the movement and if you are looking to make a pledge, it will go towards 220 Sight Word Videos that will be created by Mark and his team and made available to all teachers and parents on YouTube and their website!
Have Fun Teaching: KickStarter

Monday, May 5, 2014

Teacher Appreciation 2014

Hi everyone! First off, I have to show off my sweet Kinders and their buddy recommendations from Deanna Jump and Deedee Wills' wonderful Writing Unit

So this week is Teacher Appreciation Week :] I have been SO fortunate over the years to feel so special by my parents, students, and co-workers.
I have to tell you how proud I am of my sweet boyfriend of 4 1/2 years for teaching for his first year :] He is in a classroom of rambunctious 3 year olds and does a wonderful job! Of course since it is his first year, I had to do something for him and the other teachers he works with! 
I had to do something a little extra for him with candy, school supplies, treats he loves, a tumbler and a dunkin donuts gift card XO Each of his teacher coworkers will get a tumbler/gift card/treat tomorrow, and ALL of his coworkers will receive the popcorn bags below!!
 I thought these tags were so very cute! "For a very POPular Teacher!" I found them on Pinterest HERE... click on the pin and it will take you right to where you can download this template for FREE! 

I thought these tags were the CUTEST from The Army Wife Teacher.. FREE on TPT :] I bought the teachers at my school nail polishes and with these cute tags on cardstock and some plastic bag and ribbons, I was set! 

Feeling SO blessed already for this week.. my room parent snuck in some goodies for me and the class... she knows me too well!! 
 And this was from all my parents... love them and their children so much!! I am really SO SO blessed!!!