Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cauldron Bubbles

We had a Science Fair a little while back, and my experiment was called Cauldron Bubbles - it was basically reviewing the relationship between oil and water (how it does not mix), and what other elements will have a bubble reaction to the oil and water.  Since oil is less dense than water, it floats to the top.  When you add fun things like salt, sand, and sugar, it mixes with the oil and sinks to the bottom because it becomes more dense than the water.  After it dissolves it floats back up, giving it a lava lamp effect with adding some food coloring.  The students loved it and it is a very easy experiment to do in your classroom (or at home with your kids!)

Check out the website here :)

I hate blocking out the faces, but of course it is needed for the safety of my kiddos and families :) The template that I used for younger kiddos to fill out is the picture below.. for my age group (2nd and 3rd graders) I had the same template, except I had them write out their prediction rather than circling it (too easy)! Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Hi Laura!

    This looks like such a cool experiment! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a fabulous Sunday!


    1. Hey Krista!! Thanks for your comment :) I hope you have a fabulous Sunday as well.. the weekends go by too fast!!

  2. Looks like your kiddos has a blast with this one!

  3. This is great! Fantastic timing for me because I am looking for ideas for our science unit on mixing things (or in this case not mixing!)


    1. Haha thank you Jane!! So glad I could help.. let me know if need more ideas I have some :)

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  6. What a fun science experiment!! How fun! Thank you for sharing this!
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