Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter bloggers!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night with their family and friends.  I am heading over to my parents in a few hours and I am excited to see them (and my pug Zoey!)
Does anyone ever get knots in their back from being on their laptop too long?  Well, that's definitely me yesterday and today..
I have uploaded 2 new products to TPT/Teacher's Notebook, and I am still working on my Back to School Teacher Unit :) It's already 30 pages, and I'm still going!

 My first new product is a Addition and Subtraction Fractions Freebie - I included the lovely Graphics from the Pond - Check it out here on Teacher's Notebook, and here on Teachers Pay Teachers! If you like, please leave a comment :)
I have also created Daily 5 Choice Posters.. there are a lot of cute ones out there but I figured I'd jump on the band wagon and show off the cutest graphics from Scrappin Doodles and Graphics from the Pond.  You can find it here on TPT and here on Teacher's Notebook - only $1.00!

Here are some bulletin boards that I am currently using too :)


On another note, my boyfriend Mike and I (we are going on almost 2 1/2 years) we recently bought a cute teddy bear hamster!! We were shopping at the mall and went into the pet store and fell in love with him... there was also a panda bear hamster that I would've taken home in a heartbeat too.  It was difficult for me to make the decision because having a pet is expensive and we definitely have to watch our money, but he's just too darn cute!!

We take him out often so he gets used to being held, and he loves running in his ball, on his wheel, and eating apple jacks :) It's so cute how they stuff their food in their cheeks for later...

Introducing.. Pancake at 3 months old!


  1. Love those busy bees and reading bugs! Cute! Have fun with Pancake!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks Lori :) I don't know why your blog wasn't on my favorote blogs but it is now :) happy Easter!

  2. Laura,
    My daughter loves hamsters! She has been having one for the last 4 years!'re it! Hop over to my blog and read all about it!!!!!

    1. Aww how long do they live for? Happy Easter Darleen!


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