Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Freebie and 50 cent activity

I have decided to make my Irregular Verb Activity a freebie on TPT, and 50 cents on Teacher's Notebook... the reason for doing this is
A. I want all teachers to enjoy as much freebies as possible
B. I received 143 repins for my verb activity!
and C. I LOVE Teacher's Notebook and how they give us 100% of the sales.. it would have been a lot of work to change my item to a free item, so if you are willing to help a teacher out, it's only 50 cents! :)  All I ask is please leave feedback, it makes my day!!

Check it out on TPT and Teacher's Notebook!!!

 Thank you for everyone's support.. I am looking forward to Spring Break that starts TOMORROW and hopefully I will be doing a lot of relaxing, but I also know I will be working on my GOVERNMENT UNIT that I will be very excited to post.


Thanks again!!


  1. Hi Laura! Thanks for the irregular verbs freebie! I have a word study group that still struggles with these in their daily writing! I am your newest follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts! Thanks for sharing!!!

    One Teacher's Take

    1. Aw thanks Andrea!! :) I am so glad I could help.. grammar can be tough! I am going to visit your blog right now.. keep in touch!!


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