Friday, May 4, 2012

The Honey Bunch, 3-6 Free Resources, and Linky Party

So excited to have my very first blog designed by the Honey Bunch! :) Money can be tough for anyone, but with the blog design I found, I could not have been happier with it and the price.. I definitely recommend heading over to Honey Bunch and talking with Erika, Misty, and the team because they are fabulous!

A lot of changes have been happening, and I have been terribly busy. I don't even have time to think straight most of the time! I am moving in a month, and there is so much to be done.. it is a very exciting time because it will be only the second apartment that I've ever owned, and I am ready for a change. I am most excited about the kitchen counter space so I will be able to cook more and have more preparation space!

I am SO SO excited to be a part of the Coffee Club with 3-6 free resources!!  It gives me the opportunity to learn about the wonderful freebies that are out there, and make more friends in this blogging world :) It also gets me motivated to create more freebies... I will be making up a freebie this weekend, but for right now, check out the site for the wonderful freebies that are already up and running - there is also an AMAZING giveaway that you can check out here!!

I hope to have my own giveaway in the future... in time, in time!

if there are any freebie ideas that you would like me to make this weekend, please please let me know!! I'd love to help in all the ways I can...

Oh'Boy 4th Grade always has the best Linky Parties!!!
Check out her page and link up!!
The girls I have here for a private lunch helped me fill this out too :)


  1. Love your new blog design! Very cute!!! Good luck with your move to your new apartment.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


    1. Thanks Krista :) I love your blog design too by the Honey Bunch! Have a wonderful weekend too!!

  2. Welcome to 3-6 Coffee Club. It's nice to see new contributors.

    Yearn to Learn Blog


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