Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Sales!! (and a TN Linky Party!)

All of us at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook appreciate YOU! :) I am so happy to have found these sites because it really helps my income even a little bit.  So thank you for being so supportive and helpful to all us fellow teachers!!

My TPT store will be having a sale from May 6-8th at 20% off, and then if you put in the promo code: TAD12 you receive an EXTRA 10 % off!!

My Teacher's Notebook store will also be having an automatic 30% off!! Please check it out from May 6-8th too!! Check out Kinderzoo's Linky Party for Teacher's Notebook Sales! :)

Also check out the Teacher Appreciation Sweeptakes on Teacher's Notebook! Wow, 100 dollars for Teacher's Notebook - that is definitely a great prize :)

I just added some "Motion and Speed" notes to TPT and TN for 2-3rd graders.. just something for your kiddos to read and review together to understand the basic concepts of motion and speed.


  1. I am having a linky party for the sale at Teacher Notebook. Swing over and link up so others can click on your store and shop for goodies!

    meet me at the zoo...


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