Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book Covers

I recently used a wonderful product from my friend Krista from Stellar Students at her TPT store :] she has so many amazing products, I cannot keep up with all of them!  My latest is her "Bursting with Big Ideas Book Reports"
Check out what my students came up with for their book covers... they loved doing this and were very creative with their choices.  Definitely check out Krista's products! :]

I am so proud of them and their creative abilities.. they worked hard on their book reports and presented them to the class proudly.  We also just finished another art project, and here are some of their paintings.. I helped them with some of the outlines ;] Paint can be tricky!!

And as promised, here is a picture of my boyfriend and me at my Gala :) We had fun (I just love dressing up and having fun like that).. I had to cover up my arms because they aren't where I want them to be yet... but I hope that I will continue with my diet.. down 7 lbs!!
Please don't forget to check out my stores, Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook... I have updated so many of my activities to make them better & I am really excited about them.  Thank you so much for everything... please make sure you re-download for fresh, new units!  I have been on this journey of blogging, TPT, and TN for a little over a year and I love it.. For blogging, I just surpassed a year :] Can't believe it's been a year, but to me it seems like I've been doing this forever :]
*GIVEAWAY* Just for fun, if you visit one of my stores and see a unit you REALLY, REALLY want, leave a comment below and tell me which unit you would like and why.  I will have my lovely other half Michael read over the comments and choose TWO lucky winners... The winners will be chosen and announced tomorrow at 6PM. Thanks so much!!


  1. I really really want the landform unit! This is my first year teaching and can use all the help I can get (especially cheap/free help on a teachers budget)

    1. Hey Sarah!!! You were chosen! Please let me know your e-mail as soon as possible :)

    2. Yayyyyyy thank you!

  2. Show Me The Money Mini Unit because I'm tutoring a boy who needs a lot of help with money and money word problems! Brian

  3. I would love to win you Weather unit for Grades 2 and 3. We're getting ready to start a weather unit next week, and I think this would be a perfect addition to our study!


  4. You both look fabulous!!!!! I would love to check out your math test prep unit~3rd grade common core!!! I can't believe we both made a year blogging! It seems like we just started!!!
    Third Grade Love

  5. Awww Laura! You made my day!!! Thanks for the shout out! You are so sweet! The book covers turned out fabulous! It was hard to choose just one. I absolutely love the weather unit you created. We start this in just a few weeks.


  6. Lovely picture of you and your boyfriend!! I love your poetry unit because I "know" how much my students love poetry - especially funny and silly ones! (2nd grade) Poetry builds fluency. Kids love to read and hear poems over and over! I love hearing my kids laugh when I read and act out silly poems - especially Shel Silverstein!!! Love his books! My late husband use to come to my class each year and recite by memory - Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, Who Would Not Take The Garbage Out! Such good memories of him.....

  7. Thank you SO SO much for entering!! All of you had great reasonings and thank you SO much for stopping by my blog.. I love it!! I had Mike read all of the posts, and he decided on Sarah Poole because she is a first year teacher and needs resources, and Brian Hopkins (because "us guy teachers have to stick together"... he did think long and hard about it though!! Thank you so much for entering, and Brian and Sarah, I will be sending your resources tonight!!


I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)