Friday, April 19, 2013

Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook

How exciting!! The Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook is the largest collection of worksheets and activities for teaching the Fourth Grade Common Core State Standards. This workbook includes over 850 pages of Worksheets, Activity Centers, and Posters that teach all the Fourth Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards and all the Fourth Grade Mathematics Common Core Standards! And this is now available to YOU!!
What a wonderful resource that will help you even more with full aligning to the Common Core standards. I feel that we never have enough resources and this is perfect to help you with TWO subject areas. Very easy to enter for this FREE giveaway... and if you don't want to wait, this resource is only $39! Check out the Fourth Grade Common Core Workbook TODAY! This free giveaway ends in just two days.. 4/21/2013 so head on over, fourth grade teachers!

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