Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello! It's Tuesday, so I am linking up with my best buddy Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper with her Tried it Tuesday linky!

The topic for today is something that I "tried" last year... my inspiration comes from my lovely friend Tara from K-2 is Splendid.  She introduced me to the "BEE Binder" which stands for "Bring Everything Everyday."  You have to check out her post here on all of her organization techniques.  It's wonderful and she is one of the most talented teachers I know!
This post and picture below are from 2010 but still by far one of my favorite blog posts ever!
So with the help of Mrs. Leander and all of her creativity, I came up with my own type of binder.... a T.R.A.V.E.L. binder! - Total Requirements And Very Effective Learning (spells TRAVEL!)
Here are some of the things that my kiddos keep in their TRAVEL binders :) And again, so many of the ideas came from my lovely friend... so I can't take all the credit... just for coming up with my own resources (except the Clip Chart that you can find HERE for FREE on TPT from Tara's store!)
 I also got the idea for writing prompts and speller's choice from Tara, but I created my own :) Maybe sometime I can post them on TPT/TN if there is enough interest for them! Basically every Wednesday my kiddos choose a writing prompt to complete in their homework notebooks, and they choose a speller's choice every Thursday to do in their homework notebooks (because spelling tests are every Friday.) 
 In each child's TRAVEL binder, there is also our class schedule, school calendar, homework guidelines, and clip chart.  This keeps parent's updated daily and keeps communication strong.
 You will notice that my student's homework notebook is full of stickers! That is because every time a student is on "Outstanding" on the clip chart, they receive a sticker.  10 stickers = a prize, 15 stickers = a private lunch, and 20 stickers = lunch with the principal.  This is not something the entire school does, this is something I made up for my classroom :)
I had to share this with you that I saw outside... the first flower :] It is Spring!!

You are probably wondering why I posted a picture of a bunch of Crunch bars... well, I went to my local Walgreens and was asked to donate to the troops overseas.  Of course I would, but then they tell me I need to buy some yummy CANDY and all the money will go to them.. and they were about 40 cents each!! So of course I got a bar for each of my kiddos, and even one for myself (the skinny cow chocolate!) So if you can, check out your local Walgreens, buy a candy bar, and give back to our wonderful troops! :]
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  1. Ok, I pinned this and totally need to check it out! Each student has one of these? Do you grade the writing prompts each month? I just can't keep up with my student's individual writing journals and then there are the shared writing journals too! Wow!! I need some better systems for organization. Thank you so much for linking up sweetie:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Yes they do :) It's their daily binder where they keep their homework, important notes, and everything else. Let me know if you need any of the documents, love!! I grade the writing prompts every week (just like I do all of their homework)... their homework notebook in their binder is where they write all written assignments (writing, spelling, reading journals, etc) XO

  2. I don't know how you do it, girlie! I estimated how many grades I put in the computer every 10 weeks and it was 2700! That doesn't count looking at assignments more than once because I make them correct everything below an 80%! I grade a lot of writing, but needless to say the journals do not get as much attention:( I use them at individual conferences (when I can get to it!). I am just so overwhelmed. I don't understand how "The Sisters" from D5 really have so much less work to do at night with their system. Ugh...oh well. I will just keep plugging away:)

    1. Holly girl, I have SEVEN students :) So it is a lot easier for me to grade and have students correct assignments, etc. I stay on top of it since I am the opposite of a procrastinator, but please don't worry too much about your grading and organization :) You have a lot more kids than me and I KNOW you are doing everything wonderful for them!! :) Hugs hugs hugs!

  3. I just found you through TPT! Great blog! Love your travel binder!



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