Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Science Fair & Figurative Language

Hello hello! Welcome to my blog post :] I am linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday! Not only because she's one of my besties, but also because I have a lot of time on Tuesdays when Mike is in class [he is going to be teaching just like us..but 4 year olds! God bless him!]
Something that I tried (alongside the first and second grade teacher at my school) was doing our Science Fair differently.. in the past, the teachers have put on a science fair night for the children to come and check out our experiments.  The only problem with this was that the children who didn't get to go, didn't get to see.  So, this year we held it at the end of the school day and had all the children walk around and see what the teachers came up with, AND what our students came up with! :] The only downside with this was not ALL parents can go (because of work), but most of them made it and were excited their kids! There was even a little skit performed by a couple teachers.

Check out some of the amazing projects that our kids did!

It was so wonderful watching them be so proud of their work.  And it was a nice distraction to state testing... we took the first part of our ELA's today, the rest are tomorrow and Thursday.  I thought that the reading material was fine, but the questions were very tricky.  Definitely higher level thinking.  All I can ask for of my students is that they do their bests!
And I did treat them today!
A concept that seems to be difficult for my students to learn is figurative language... so what did I do? Made a Figurative Language Pack! ;) Check it out here on TPT and here on TN [whichever your shopping preference!]
Here is a preview of the printables you can find in this pack:

And this has nothing to do with teaching, but I went to A.C. Moore yesterday on one of my "breaks" from working, and bought a vase, a few flowers, and some marbles... and came up with this :]
Have a wonderful rest of the week :] :]


  1. I'm sure your students loved sharing their projects with the other kids! I'm jealous of your Dunkin' Donuts...I can't find it anymore since moving to Texas and Starbucks does not have donuts!!

    Literacy Spark

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Jessica! I cannot believe that near you there isn't a Dunkin Donuts! I have TONS near me.. at least Starbucks has good desserts though, but I understand what you mean! I am your newest follower :)

  2. Hey girlie:) I LOVE, LOVE that your teachers also do science fair projects! How cool is that? We have a science fair night for 5th grade but also have the gym open during the day for all the elementary classes to browse during the day. The love looking at all the projects!
    Your figurative language pack looks awesome!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    Two days down for ELA...one to go! I wonder what will be thrown at them tomorrow...UGH!

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I appreciate all of your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)