Sunday, October 25, 2015

 Hello my lovely blogging buddies! I hope your school years are going wonderful - whether you are a school teacher, home school teacher, or taking time with your babies at home :) 

I was very excited to be introduced to CHALKOLA.  Chalkola markers are used on chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, plastic, and mirrors - AND the ink is easily removed.. with the swipe of a wet wipe!
Instantly when I took the chalkola markers out of the case, my firsties were very excited.  They crowded around to see the fun paint-like substance that came out of these pens!  Easy to use, they were eager to try.  They LOVED that they could use these on our chalkboards and really liked the way the "colors popped!" 
See below for a few tips of how to use Chalkola:
 1. Have the markers ready for the students ahead of time.  Once each marker has the "paint" set and ready to go, students will be able to use with ease.  They take a minute or so to work after you press down on the tip to get the ink flowing.  Very similar to paint markers I have used.  Once the ink sets though, you are ready to go!  The bigger markers can get a little messy to prep, be careful :)

2. Depending on how much ink is being used, make sure your smaller kiddos have plenty of wipes to use to clean their boards.  One wipe did not always work for the white boards we used.  If the paint does get on clothes, it is easily washable :)

3. Show your students how to use first! Lots of modeling and discussing on the right way to use these and what surfaces they can use these on as well.  It will be a little while before I let my first graders use the BIG 15mm markers, but they are happily enjoying the 6 mm ones!

Here are the links to these liquid chalk markers - and LOOK!  Order using the code CHK20OFF for the 15mm markers or CHALK20A for the 6mm pens.  Let me know if you have any questions!
20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHK20OFF

20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHALK20A

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