Friday, March 2, 2012

Classroom pictures

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the start to their weekend.  I feel so tired, I am sure I will be falling asleep early!

I wanted to post some of my pictures of my classroom... it is small with only 10 students, but I have managed to stay organized and get my job done :) I definitely want to make a lot of changes for next year, but I think that's what we always do - try to make it better!

My CAFE Chart which correlates with Daily 5 :) Also notice the stamina graph in the right corner.
I found these printables on TPT... LOVE these freebies!

My second/third graders LOVE Geronimo Stilton!  It is one of their favorite authors, so if you teach around my age group, definitely check these books out :)

My word wall towards the beginning of the year :)

Does anyone love Vista print? I sure do!  I get my homework passes from there, sticky notes, stationery, and more!  I am on a tight budget with school supplies, but some of this stuff is just too darn cute.  The big sign with my name on it is a magnet that clings to my filing cabinet.  It was FREE with one of my Vista Print orders :)

Our classroom rules and signatures

I am going to be posting a geography unit on TPT and Teacher's Notebook soon.. I am still seeing if there is anymore creativity in me before I post it. 

<3 I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!


  1. Agreed... we always strive to improve for the next year. My 2nd graders can't get enough Geronimo. :) I'm also a huge Vistaprint fan! Watch out - it's addicting!

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  2. Hey Jen!! Thanks for the comment, if I had more money I'd definitely be going vistaprint.crazy ;)

  3. Ps-im your newest follower! :)


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