Saturday, March 31, 2012

Common Core

Hello lovelies! Hope you are doing well on this (freezing) Saturday.. I finally have time to blog now that it is the weekend. I am very excited that my Spring Break is coming up, and I only have a 3 day week next week. It is much needed, I just hope May doesn't go too slow ;)

The state exams are directly after break, so I hope my kiddos get enough rest and are well refreshed when we come back! I only ask they do their best, and with all the skills and strategies they have learned, I think they will be just fine :) Love my students..

My Common Core short passages (Grades 2-4 appropriate depending on reading levels) are finished and up and running on TPT and Teacher's Notebook... From my workshop and research, I have learned that the Common Core is about shorter readings with more difficult levels and vocabulary.  It is about students pushing themselves and challenging themselves to read nonfiction and provide evidence of opinions of what they have read.  I tried to do just that in these 10 passages.  Please let me know what you think!!

Yesterday most of my kiddos participated in a Stations of the Cross play that they have been working all month on.. I had plans yesterday, but I realized that with my students telling me that it would mean so much to them if I came, I decided to turn around and make it just in time. When they saw me arrive, they ran up to me and yelled and hugged me more than they ever have before!! It REALLY made a difference, and I am so glad I was there for them... not only that, they were INCREDIBLE actors!! I have never been so impressed with their singing and acting... xo Glad I didn't miss it :) 

Freebies! I love that you are all getting use out of the freebies I post, because there are SO many out there and I love posting them to give some lovely teachers recognition :)

Little Miss Kindergarten came up with these adorable rolling dice games for the younger kiddos, and the Pre K teacher at my school loved these because the kids were SO engaged!  Laminate and enjoy!

I came across Ms. Dillon's bug observation freebie and it was just adorable.. Check out this cute science activity!

I always look forward to Ashleigh's writing prompts.. I am definitely using these for April! So cute, check them out!!

Graphics from the Pond, always giving away amazing freebies.. here are some Spring spinners that would be perfect for probability!

I will leave you with a cute Dr. Seuss quote...


  1. Thank you for all of the resources that you have shared on your post today!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Of course :) I love giving teachers whatever recognition I can! Ps-love your classroom library!


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