Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trying to become inspired..

I am contemplating moving apartments, and it is such a big decision (with lots of time consuming packing and organizing)... but I am pretty sure we are going to be making that move in the near future :)

My big question for the night: How do you organize your teaching materials?  I have my bookbins, and 3 drawer bin, shelves, and labels, but sometimes it still bothers me that my classroom doesn't look like this:

This is just BEAUTIFULLY organized, and with the limited space in my classroom, I would never be able to make it look like this... especially on the budget I'm on... so how do you organize your classroom?

Here are a few pictures I have recently took of my classroom: I try to continue to add new vocabulary to our math/science vocabulary wall, and I am so proud of my students for understanding inferencing, and coming up with tons of examples.


Does anyone else get a lot of vacay time for Easter? Our school sure does! I'm so excited my boyfriend is able to take time off as well for his job.  I'll have to plan something special. I am counting down the days already.

Any comment is welcome :) Hope to get to 55 followers soon to have a fantastic giveaway!!

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