Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Motivational Monday and Goals Linky

Hi my wonderful teaching friends! How is everyone?  I had a wonderful birthday filled of TONS of love from my friends, family, and Mike... I am so gosh darn lucky, I really am XOXO

I know it's not Monday, but it sure feels like it since I had yesterday off... So I am linking up with Sara over at Smiling in Second Grade and Kimberly over at The Learning Tree for their Motivational Monday!! :)
When I saw this quote, it really hit home to me, because I am definitely an overachiever and always try to do EVERYTHING and be superwoman, but I just have to remember to be the BEST person I can be :) 
Life is too short! And how cute is this puppy? :) You DESERVE to be happy and fill your heart with love and happiness rather than waste it on hate and complaints.
 I like this picture because it reminds me of how great I feel when I accomplish things.  Right now, I want to accomplish my goals with teaching and losing weight, but even more, making more time for myself.
 Haha how cute!! For my entire life I depended on others for my happiness, but you have to remember that you can be your own hero too!  You can be independent and make yourself happy too!

Well, that's for my Motivational Monday (Even though it's Tuesday!) I am still feeling motivated soo...

I am also linking up with Jenn over at Party of One and Jessica over at Fantastically Average.. but have you seen Jessica?! She's such a cutie, definitely not average! I am a new follower of Jenn and Jessica, and found her through my amazingly wonderful bestie, Sara!! Love her! This is my first time linking up with Five for Five goals, but hey, it's never too late to start...

So here goes my list!

1.) For this week I will eat healthy every day in the morning and in the afternoon, and I will also make 3 out of 5 dinners healthy and NOT EAT OUT! :) I need to do this for me, and also throw in exercising at least 3 days this week. Insanity, here I come!
2.) Clean out my clothes that are scattered in my bedroom.  There is a huge pile that I pick through and leave a mess (which is sooo not me) so my goal this week is to clean it up!
3.) Another goal for me is to read. I need to find a good book for me to pick up and start reading in my "free" time.  Even just to start one, it will be good for me to get back into the enjoyment of reading.  I am open to suggestions!
4.) Try something new with my kids...whether it's a new art project or game or way of teaching, I am switching it up this week.
5.) Last but not least. it's actually most important, I need to at least find a half hour a day to RELAX.  I literally never do, and don't remember the last time I have (which is why my back and neck ache from knots.. my massage therapist told me she has never in all her career seen the pain and knots in me!) so that is important for me to do. RELAX!

Wish me luck!! And don't forget to link up! :)


  1. I was doing Insanity and it really is insane! I just couldn't make it once it hit the second month. It was just too hard. I need to get back on the Insanity bandwagon and start over. How far along are you?

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Hey Stephanie!! Yes it is.. I did earn my T shirt over the summer and did the 2 full months (not with the eating plan) and I did see great results, but didn't keep up with it :( I would've done a lot better if I had eaten better too!! Now, I am going to make this a lifestyle, and I know I won't be able to work out an hour 6 days a week like that, but I will be able to do it once in a while and make it so I continue it for a very long time. Let me know when you start it back up or need motivation :)

  2. Thanks for linking up Laura! I love that first one - sooo important to remember. And that puppy is so cute! Good luck with the eating healthy. That one is definitely the hardest for me. It's just so darn easy to eat out instead!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

    1. It is waaay easier to eat out, AND cheaper.. but I cooked tonight :) chicken alfredo!


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