Friday, November 16, 2012

Word work, goals, and more

Oh holy moly I am so glad it is Friday... I woke up this morning, and I said "Wow.. it has been quite the week." My kids did a Thanksgiving activity since it's around that time :) I found this turkey clipart on google, and just used it how I wanted to; for the kids to write what they are thankful for (very basic, but reflective when we talked about it).  I also let them glue on cute googly eyes :)

After Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming!! I am so very excited :) I already started decorating my apartment a teensy bit.. I found this cute snowman sign to hang up on my front door at the Dollar Tree - you really can find the cutest things there, especially for Holidays!!!
I also have pictures to share with you from my word work of my students...
I bought this set of stamp markers, and it was probably like 3-5 dollars at Walmart with alphabet stamps and other fun cute pictures... the only negatives: sometimes the stamps can come out messy, and they are really, really small! I still LOVE my big stamps from Really Good Stuff, and still will always choose those over this set, but at least it's another alternative for OLDER students.. definitely too small and messy for younger :)  Below are pictures of the Really Good Stuff stamps that I absolutely love.

Tip #1: After using stamps, make sure your students use a piece of paper to "blot" the stamps to make sure that there is no ink left on them. It will save your stamps and your ink pads from getting ruined  :)

Tip #2: When using the new marker stamps I purchased, make sure you use thicker paper or cardstock because it will go through the paper! :)
Another tip I have is for students to be creative and have fun with their word work... I always use dots on all of my writing and one of my students displayed the neatest writing with "dot" colored letters :) Love it!


Okay I did terrible on my goals... I did eat better but I only got to exercise twice this week, not three times.  The only goal I really got taken care of was to clean out my pile of clothes.  I have been very stressed lately and I am pretty sure I did not give myself anytime to relax every day.  Except during my favorite show, X Factor.  I don't have cable (to save money) but I do get the lower channels, so X Factor is pretty much the only show I follow right now.. how the times have changed! When I was younger, I never missed one of my episodes ever in all the 5-10 years they were on.. it was sick.  Some favorites I had were One Tree Hill, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and things like that.  Oh, memory lane!! But anyways, on X Factor I do have many favorites that I am passionate about, but my favorite since the beginning has been Carly Rose Sonenclar. I am so glad the audience agrees with me and votes for her every week.  I'm such a dork, but I love her!!!

I am exhausted and it's only 9:45pm... I have to wait up very early to help set up for my school's Vendor Show.  I live at school each weekend it seems too.  I did make cute signs for the Vendor show though! I just need more free time, that's all.. hopefully I will get it during Thanksgiving!

Take care everyone!!
PS-THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME FOR THE MARY KAY CONTEST! Out of thousands of people, I was voted into the TOP 100 FINALISTS! So thank you very very much :) 

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