Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Birthday

Ahh I am so excited that it is my birthday today :) (Mostly) everyone loves their birthday! I turn 27 today, which is not that old at all.. some people may think that is old that are around my age, but it's not! I feel older than I am, and really need to get back into eating better and working out but it's so hard.  Well anyways, enough of that.. I don't need to worry about that on my birthday! ;)
I haven't been able to really "blog" because I have been so busy trying to get all my work done and stay on top of things.  There is always "something", isn't there?
Well, I know Halloween has passed, but I wanted to show you all a picture of what I was for Halloween.. I was a Super Teacher! Pinterest/TPT inspired, the Kindergarten teachers were doing it and I became an honorary member since I really had no time to think about a costume.  Here is a picture of me and co-teacher Heather!! She was a cute CHEETAH and won the contest for Best Teacher Costume :)
Heather has been a wonderful person to work with this year.  We bounce off each other's ideas and do a lot of activities with our classes.  She planned a wonderful birthday party for me and a couple other students in our grades :) So much fun!
We made T shirts from an awesome Pinterest idea.. all you need is sandpaper and crayons, and then iron on your design, and it comes out AMAZING! I was owl inspired by The 3AM Teacher... I tried to draw a similar owl to her design here:
Here are a few other examples that our kiddies did! They absolutely loved it.  *If you do this activity, just make sure you press hard with the crayons so it will come out as clear and dark as it possibly can!
Look at these adorable cupcakes we had for a snack one day... I am sure the parent that made these found this on Pinterest, but if not, they should be on there! So cute... the only downside: the oreos get a tad bit soggy!

There are so many topics to teach in fourth grade, and it's a lot different than third grade.  I am really trying to do fun and creativity projects as well.  We did a small newsletter about current events and the students wrote about Veteran's Day, the presidential election, news from space, Kenya, and more.  The kids loved learning about it and writing a short paragraph about their topics.  For next time, I will have them include illustrations and longer paragraphs.  For this, I wanted it to go out before the election and Veteran's Day.
 Veteran's Day is very important to my students so at our Veteran's Day Breakfast on Tuesday, we are going to present cards and I laminated American flag hearts that they will hand out as well.  Our soldiers are such a blessing and such wonderful heroes.

Here are some pictures of my students' adaptation writing and drawings.  They did such a great job and they are continuing to edit and revise.  So important! (Also, the kids LOVE when I post their work on my blog!! It makes them even more proud)

It would mean a lot to me if you could vote for me for the Mary Kay Contest.. thanks so much!!!

And on a final note, I absolutely love my bloggy buddy Sara... she's the biggest sweetheart and so easy to talk to.  I am so happy that we have quickly bonded! I was so excited to participate in Sara's Giveaway, and I was so wonderfully surprised to find out I was a WINNER of her prize #1... I spent a great deal of time looking at the amazing prizes the teachers are giving away.  My kids are going to love the TPT products that I am going to choose!! Thank you again for this amazing giveaway, Sara!!

My boyfriend is the best; it was our 3 year anniversary a few days ago, and he gave me these beautiful diamond earrings and this beautiful lucky bamboo plant :) I love him so much!

Since it's my birthday (and I still love giving), I will give the first FIVE people that comment on my post, any TPT/TN product they want!! :) 5 is my favorite number, so please comment below with your e-mail and what product you would like!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Laura... happy birthday to you! You are so sweet to give your followers gifts when it is YOUR birthday!

    If I'm one of the first 5, I'd love to have your Winter Theme Unit from TpT.

    I hope you have a great day!
    Cathy VerSteeg

  2. Happy Birthday! You are so sweet to share on your special day! I would love your winter theme unit.
    Enjoy every minute of your day:)

  3. Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you have a great one! It is so nice of you to give away something on your birthday, your so sweet. If I'm one of the 5 I would love your Winter Theme Unit.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! I like the Government Unit for grades 2-4!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Birthday Laura!! I know what you mean about eating better and exercising..but Girl, It's your birthday enjoy yourself and eat as much cake and ice cream as you please :) Enjoy your special day..good thing it's a Saturday!!

    1. Ooops, and I didn't follow directions. Looks like I'm the 5th comment so I would love to get your third grade common core math test prep. Thank you for sharing on your special day :) Here's my email

  6. Happy birthday, Laura! I hope you have a wonderful day! May you be blessed with many more birthdays! Don't worry about eating better and exercising today, it's your birthday! But I know what you mean, I need to do both. Wednesdays are now Weight-loss Wednesdays on my blog. I'm hoping it will keep me accountable.

    Enjoy your day! :)

    The Teacher Diaries

  7. would love this!

  8. Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had an amazing day! Love the Veteran's Day activity. Thanks so much for sharing!



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