Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gift swap

I was so excited to gift swap with my bestest blogging buddy, Sara, aka Miss V, from Miss V's Busy Bees :) Not because we had to or linked up with anyone, but just because she has been an incredible person to blog with and become close with.  I reaaally hope she likes her gifts, because she deserves them and all the more. 
I am waiting to open her card on Christmas day, but I could not wait to open her presents.. I was too excited!! Her and her boyfriend Cody actually gave Mike and I a present too, which was SO completely thoughtful... here is the ornament that has our names on it XOXO It is so amazing and my favorite ornament on my tree.

She also got me a way too generous gift card to Michaels (which is one of my all time favorite stores - I can buy things for school there and for myself and my house). It's perfect!!! Sara also got me adorable Christmas stickers, 2 snowmen stockings (they are my favorite.. and penguins!), and the cutest reindeer ornament!!
 Sara also got me these adorable smelly markers!! I am SO excited to use these because honestly, I live for the scented stamp pads and smelly stickers.. my kids love them too.  So perfect and I will be using these so much!! All different scents like cherry, peppermint, strawberry, etc.
 Here's my tree with my new, beautiful ornaments up, and with all my love's presents underneath... cannot wait to give them to him!! XOXO And over in the corner in that white bag are my uggs that he bought me this year...eeee I never would have gotten these myself because of the money, but I will wear them forever and ever!!
My coworkers were so generous to me too.  Karen had this adorable idea that I saw on pinterest before, where it says "pop, pop, fizz, fizz, you're the best teacher that there is" with a bag of popcorn and a can of soda!
And my lady Heather got one of the most unique and wonderful presents I have ever gotten in my life... it is called a "Diamond Candle" (as seen on tv) and you light a soy candle, and inside the wax is a ring worth anywhere between $10 to $5,000.  Most of the rings are worth $10, but what an extremely exciting and beautiful gift!! It is lit as we speak.. if you would like more details on this fabulous gift go to  it talks about the prices, scents, FAQ like ring sizes and quality.  Amazing and any one would be lucky to receive one of these as a gift!


My presents for my kids... goodie bags filled with erasers, candy, pencils, bouncy balls, and more, and these shirts with their pictures on them.  Vistaprint groupon, oh yeah!
I will leave you with this.... this picture below and tons more were the many gifts I was able to get my Adopt a Family.  Walter and Kathy will have the most beautiful Christmas, thanks to you.  I went yesterday with a full car load of food, presents and clothing for my two lovely angels - Kathy, a single mom fighting breast cancer with little to no money, and Walter, a 16 year old boy with autism who wants more than ever to get presents this Christmas.  Kathy's face was priceless bringing in the boxes and boxes of wrapped goodies.  XOXO I cannot tell you what this means to me, and their family.  Thank you SO much for all your help.. no donation is ever too small, and it really made a huge difference.  My heart is full from this and it reminds me that kindness to others, and helping out people that need happiness in their lives, is EVERYTHING.  It has made my Christmas <3 p="p">

I wish you all a happy holiday... I will be blogging again soon before Christmas!!


  1. What fun! I have never heard of Diamond Candles before. That was so nice of you to make that family's Christmas possible!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thank you Lori.. we don't have much but one voice can make a difference to all come together :) I had never heard of diamond candles either but I am so thankful and grateful I got one!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. SO jealous that you got a diamond candle! It's kind of like a hidden treasure candle, too! You've gotta show us what's at the bottom when you get there :) love you, girl!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Xoxo I will definitely be showing you!! Merry Christmas to you and Cody!!!


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